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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Fact Sheet

The lovely guys over at Square Enix have released a fact sheet for the upcoming game, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the final game in the Final Fantasy XIII series. (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

-GametimeUK-  +   706d ago
The most important fact is that it's a part of the FF13 story and that is why I will not buy.
Godmars290  +   706d ago
Well said. Liking what I've seen of the game mechanics, but the fact that the story is incomplete and connected to tow other games I could care less about, makes me want to wait until this one is under $20.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   706d ago
waiting sucks
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Shinox  +   706d ago
For the future of smartphones , thanks to XIII saga for ruining my gaming life >.>
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kayoss  +   706d ago
Why does SquareEnix feel like they have to re-invent the wheel? This whole entire gen all we've seen were bunch of screwed up final fantasy games from SE. Fans ask for the classic RPG style games, what does SE do? they do the opposite. Instead of giving us open world exploration like past Final fantasy game, they give us a damn linear tube. Fans never asked for FF13 sequels, SE give us two sequels. Why? Thank god they are releasing the FFX HD which give us fan a sense that SE is returning to normalcy. But we all know SE needs to earn back our trust.
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abzdine  +   706d ago
well said my friend! i hope no one will buy this game so they can sink even more and they will finally start caring about delivering quality
KrisButtar  +   706d ago
I am a fan and I asked for sequels, 13 is not the worst of all the FF's but its not the best either.

I don't understand how you can go on about the 13 being to damn linear and no exploration, then you praise 10 which is also linear with no exploration. Those 2 titles are the most linear and no exploration of all the FFs.
kayoss  +   706d ago
I never once said FFX was not linear. It maybe linear but it was a great game when compared to FF13. It was fun to play and the story was great. It made the player want to complete the game for the story. FF13 the story got to the point where i didnt care any more. i just wanted to complete the game so I feel that i got my money's worth. Even if the FFX was linear it was not as bad as FF13. The only exploration done in FF13 is the Great plains. But the only reason why the great plains exist is for farming and Leveling up.
pimpschitz  +   706d ago
X was good because of the story, and the gameplay. I think what kayoss is saying is that a linear story isn't bad in terms of story, and in terms of battle sequence. I've said this time and time again but when you play 13 for the first time all I did was button mash and didn't even pay attention to the game. The worst feature about battle.... excuse me for screaming IS THE FUCKING AUTO BATTLE! That was one of the worst features in a FF title. What is the point in that?

I pick X over 13 any day of the week, because they were all characters that I relate to. The battle system was simple yet complex. The graphics (for their time) were through the roof. And lets not forget Blitzball. That game was sick. What was the minigame in FF13? I didn't see one. I'm playing 7 all over again, there are minigames all over that game, and the exploration surpasses anything Square Enix has done since early PS titles.

I'm all for sequels if it doesn't regurgitate the same story, which is why I'll watch a few cutscenes on youtube, without buying that game.
goldwyncq  +   706d ago
"Fans never asked for FF13 sequels"

Well, Japanese fans did.
Godmars290  +   706d ago
No. No they didn't. They were returning their copies of FF13 the first week it was out. And FF13-2 sold as worse there as in the States.
chadwarden  +   706d ago
Fact is that Lightning is the best character in all of video game history.
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Alos88  +   706d ago
She's supposed to be tough but kind, except we never really see the kind part. Even if Lightning Returns does manage to flesh out her character, it really says something that it took three whole games to do it.
FRA85  +   706d ago
think your exaggerating a bit but never understood why people hate the character so much, i liked her better than the other main characters and even the main character of FF10.
Hicken  +   706d ago
People got their own expectations up about a game that never claimed to be anything it didn't turn out to be, and since Lightning is the main character, she gets the brunt of the blame.

It's one of those games people love to hate. And the worst part is: they hate it because of their OWN problems, not so much the problems IN the game. I mean, I can say it's not the best FF, but this is one game that's suffered more from its hype than any other. It's not NEARLY as bad as people say.
goldwyncq  +   706d ago
Just be thankful that this would be the last Lightning game. Like it or not, this game will still release, no matter how much you bitch about it.
Mathew9R   706d ago | Spam
pimpschitz  +   706d ago
In short, Lightning is fun to watch, but then it's like "meh, it's over." I just can't wait for the next big thing to happen at Square Enix. 13 was mediocre, but I still enjoyed it because i'm an avid fan. Point is, they have a FF title very often, and they win some and lose some all the time. Quit tailoring the game for the hype, and start fixing what you are doing wrong with it. In short, it's alright to go cartoony again (FF9), sometimes it just works better that way.
izumo_lee  +   706d ago
You know Squarenix just hurry up, finish the game & release it. Get the character & this timeline out of your system so that you can finally concentrate on new ideas or better yet finish 'unfinished' games you already have on your docket.

Get FFvs.13 or whatever it is called now done, start on Kingdom Hearts 3, get games like FF type-0, Crisis Core or other Squarenix games for digital distribution. Why isn't Birth by Sleep or Crisis Core on the PSN store yet?!

Stop lollygagging around with a character that has less personality than a wet sponge.
kalkano  +   706d ago

I.E. this will not be Final Fantasy. I.E. I will not be buying this.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   706d ago
VersusXIII is supposed to be even more action oriented than this. Is that also not Final Fantasy?
kalkano  +   706d ago
If so, it is not.
syafickix  +   700d ago
PEOPLE DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, just wait until it's done and then we judge later.

from my point of view, 13th story is not bad. but it's so complicated that i need to take a break just to put all the story together in my mind. but when you understand the story, it's really cool.

but i do feel pretty disappointed when they say the will still put the atb mode on cause gameplay battle like DISSIDIA is perfect (but i think it'll take about 2minutes until 3hours for one battle though -__-") and i hope lightning clothes will change for EACH AND EVERY armors (cause i dont want like 4 armors got the same skins...so boring) and since it was only 13 days left there, i really hope they do something about it, cause a great game is a game that people would love to play even for 100+hours

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