Formula Truck: Nürburgring Nordschleife Released

The Nordschleife is an amazing circuit. Situated amongst the village of Nurburg, the daunting track is considered by many as the greatest racing complex in the world. The Nordschleife is Motorsport’s Mecca, a sacred stretch of road that symbolizes everything we love about motor racing. Completed in 1927, the complex was home to the German Grand Prix until 1976, when it was deemed to be simply too dangerous for Formula One. Today, the circuit remains well and truly in operation, hosting an annual 24 hour event as well as being available to the general public on selected evenings and weekends.

So, what happens when you unleash 1200 horsepower purpose built racing trucks on the most demanding track in the world? This is your chance to find out. RaceDepartment is thrilled to announce a fully converted version of the Nordschleife for Game Formula Truck by Reiza Studios. Five different fully-operational layouts will be available for use with the sim, meaning you can try out all of the different circuit configurations in a highly powerful racing truck. This will be one of the rawest and most exhilarating experiences possible in sim-racing today.

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