Mass murderer takes action against authorities for denying him a PlayStation in prison

Mass murderer takes action against authorities for denying him a PlayStation in prison

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Chaostar1981d ago

Life in prison and the death sentence are all good and well but denying the man a Playstation, that's just harsh.

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piroh1980d ago

the power of PlayStation

Gimmemorebubblez1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

A mass murderer should not lay his bloody hands on a Playstation.

Chaostar1980d ago

Yeah, wash them first man.

Mounce1980d ago

Maybe that's why his controller is the crimson colored one instead of a pearl white.

Ser1980d ago

Come on, it wouldn't be so bad - letting him own a PS3. Look, he can have this one.

Blackdeath_6631980d ago

if i was going to spend a life time in prison i would want something to spend the time the convict probably has fully accepted that he will be in prison for however long.

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SilentNegotiator1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Put it on the other side of a guillotine and make him retrieve it with his mouth.

The death penalty should really exist for the most abhorrent, prolific, 100%-proven murderers. But instead they whine about not getting Playstations.

LocutusEstBorg1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

The penalty for EVERY willful crime should be death, like that episode in Star Trek TNG. Accidental crimes should be dealt with an appropriate penalty and ANY proven willful crime should result in death.

Thirty3Three1980d ago

Nobody has a right to kill. If they kill him, it makes them just as bad as him.

The death penalty is very a immature thing.

YNWA961980d ago

No.... Again those who care more about the scumbags, but never a thought for the victims... Only thing worse than these killers are the do-gooders....

jagstar441980d ago

Death is a release, he should be kept in solitary confinement so he will regret every second of his life what he did

Sarick1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

You know what gets me? People talk about death penalty but if someone WANTS to commit suicide there are laws in place to try and stop them.

People who offer assisted suicide would also be given the a death penalty. Why do you think so many people do suicide by cop now days? Sometimes not killing people is more of a punishment.

Horrible punishment give the guy a PS3 but only let him play goober games.

Not only does the government pay for prisoners but giving him a PS3 also gives him entertainment when he should be being punished.

SilentNegotiator1980d ago

"Nobody has a right to kill. If they kill him, it makes them just as bad as him.
The death penalty is very a immature thing"

Yeah, okay, Batman, sure. The death penalty is EXACTLY the same as murder. Whatever you say.

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TekoIie1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

What does humanity have left without playstation?

I mean its like they're trying to make him want to die/s

But on a serious note your a mass murderer... You've lost any right to get what you want in this world. Everything you get from this point on-wards you should be incredibly grateful for.

ZombieKiller1980d ago

aww poor baby.....maybe he should have thought of that before he killed someone else. if they allowed ps3 in jails, for me, there would be no reason to be outside. I'd go to jail. please pay for my internet and electric while I play games all day. don't even have to clean the place....

Kashouri1980d ago

lol that made my day lmao

FamilyGuy1980d ago

How ironic to see a mass murderer complaining about what is and is not fair...

TwistedMetal1980d ago

this is why people shouldnt do crimes. you will be denied tons of stuff and if you drop the soap you knows what happens then but i just dont get why people do it then again people buy xbox 360 and pay for live while im gaming online for free on the playstation 3 with tons more exclusive new ips and also same old cod with 9+ million people playing on the ps3. while 11 million playing it on the x360. come on guys think long term and think smart. to many people doing the quick gratification bs and burning themselves.

best way to not dig a hole for yourself in life is to be smart and patient. you gotta out think the masses in this day and age. think of all the money you could of saved if you werent achivement whoreing with some random guy or paying for live and 4 rrod xbox360's.

on topic again crime doesnt pay.

YNWA961980d ago

Twisted, no one cares that you use the old milk bottles to try and enlarge it. Is there any friction? On the subject, crime does not pay, unless you got a credit number in psn hack. Ohhh who cares... Angelina jolie had a double masectomy, that mean she should have got a ps 3?

Nitrox1980d ago

lol, that comment made my day. Thanks!

YNWA961979d ago

Thank you nitrox, this twisted guy must troll every site to let us know he does not like xbox... And tries to put it in a constructive piece of crap...

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dale_denton1980d ago

every time i'm about to commit a crime i always think about my ps3 so i wont do bad things.. can't speak the same about my wife.

Dan_scruggs1980d ago

Talk about capturing the hardcore audience.

Qrphe1980d ago

10/10 would laugh again
Best comment on this page

slapedurmomsace1980d ago

@ mario...worst troll job I've seen in a while, but on the off chance you are a mom who hacked into your childs account here, I say hello, a well adjusted 30 yr old who finished college, is married, makes 6 figures, and has children of my own, with absolutely no criminal record. Worst I've had is a speeding ticket. Been gaming before since 1988.

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MysticStrummer1980d ago

Live in your cell, play in ours

Gregard1980d ago

It only does prison sentences ;)

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ai_nui1981d ago

cant blame him..
i also love playstation.. ;_;

sherimae24131980d ago

i also love PS ^_^

this is the 1st time i see you here ai-chan, hello ^_^

LoveOfTheGame1980d ago

Women, always going off topic lol.

PS is good and all but I don't see why prisoners should get any type of video game system.

Video Games just make people more violent, right?/s

kaozgamer1980d ago

lol they should give him a wiiu instead

chikane1980d ago

well the guy is in jail for murderer dont wanna piss him off more >>

see what i did there

ThanatosDMC1980d ago

He'd just make a shank out of it instead of actually play games.

ZombieKiller1980d ago

now THAT is a punishment!!

NBT911980d ago

Okay, love my WII U but that was pretty damn funny.

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stage881980d ago

Give him a red ringed Xbox. Give it to him right at the back of the head.

DA_SHREDDER1980d ago

give him an atari 2600 lol