ZombiU 2 Teased by Developer, Prototype in the Works

GR said, "ZombiU was a bit of a surprise last year on the Wii U. Formerly known as Killer Freaks from Outer Space, this Ubisoft horror title went through a bizarre development cycle before landing on Nintendo’s latest console, and in most cases, that’s a sign that there's some sort of issue. However, the final product impressed most reviewers with its sinister tone and welcomed challenge, and according to one of the developers at Ubisoft Montpellier, the next entry in the new franchise is currently in the works."

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1upgamer992044d ago

Very cool! Zombi U, is a great game. I understand that some people do not care for it, but I think its great. I am sure it will be improved upon.

Nevers0ft2044d ago

Yeah. It was a good game but flawed (only having one melee weapon for starters). Hopefully a sequel will smooth out a lot of the bumps that were in the original... It's still a great game (soooo tense) but there's also a lot of missed potential.

1upgamer992042d ago

I agree with you...I really do like the game though...

mcstorm2044d ago

I agree I am loving the game ide also love a big MP mode on the next one.

yugovega2044d ago

This without a doubt will happen. zombie u did very well for such mixed reviews, such a small install base, and Nintendo supported it enough to make a special bundle.
-capt. obvious.

KrisButtar2044d ago

thats good news I know a few people who will be excited of this

Neonridr2044d ago

As long as Ubisoft varies the combat, and improves the graphics the game should do very well. I loved the first one, and look forward to a sequel.

Keep it exclusive Ubisoft!

PigPen2044d ago

I have still yet to play the first one. I do not believe in buying a game just because it's exclusive but I will try the game soon. I like to see what they do with ZU2.

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The story is too old to be commented.