Analyst: Wii U can still be big success

The Wii U can still end up being a big success despite its poor launch, claims EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich.

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ZainabSaccal2045d ago

Very doubtful, esp there is not third party support, nor does publishers seem to want to develop games for this console, I think it is doomed.

krazykombatant2045d ago

no third party support is who exactly?? EA? Even if the all of the third party support was there, people like you would be like, "OH well it can't keep up with the hardware inside of its competitors anyways... why would you get an inferior version"

In this day in age very few people get only 1 console.

DA_SHREDDER2045d ago

doubtful of what? The big N's success? They've been successful since the 80's. So successful that they pretty much live in a different plane of existence. Which probably explains why all their first party titles, despite what brand, always seems far out there.

Picture_Dancer2045d ago

Can't you remember gamecube flop. Berely 20mln consols sold lifetime.

Lf_sIcKmAn2045d ago

@Picture_Dance dude, make sure you do your research before talking about stuff you know nothing about. Even with the gamecube sales of about 20 million plus, the console was sold at a profit since its launch so it WAS succesful from a business point of view… the first ever console nintendo has sold at a loss was the 3ds when they did the price drop thing…

I'm really tired of haters spewing nonsense about a company that everyone should THANK for saving the industry after the atari/coleco/intellivision disaster in the 80's.

Tito082045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

@ DA_SHREDDER- They have being successful, but not always successful, Gamecube, N64, & Virtual Boy comes to mind, losing market share 3 generations in a row isn't always being successful, & they started losing market share from the SNES days all the way to the GC, 3 gens in a row, when Sega obtained 52% market share with the Genesis.

@ Lf_sIcKmAn- That's not being a hater, it's the truth. Just because they were profiting with the Gamecube, doesn't mean it was a success, maybe for you, but not for Nintendo. & trust me, they were not happy with those Gamecube sales at all, that's why they made a lot of price cuts, GC even hit $100 when PS2 & Xbox was still over $250 at the time & it wasn't meeting sales expectations.

It takes more than just profits to be successful in this business, that's why they catered to the casuals, & because of them, not Nintendo fans, the Wii became successful, & by success, it's the success they wanted it to be at, & they would scratch their heads if the Wii stood around 20m & being sold at a profit, btw they have being losing market share with the SNES, N64 & GC, 3 gens in a row, they wanted that market share more than what they were profiting with each system sold, that is why Nintendo promptly dropped the price of the 3DS, because it wasn't selling & it was sold at a profit.

& stop with that "Nintendo saved the industry" bull-crap, like seriously, who the f%^k cares nowadays apart from Nintendo fanboys, somebody else could have done that as well, maybe Sega could have done that or some other company could have done the same thing. & those fanboys with "Nintendo saved Bayonetta 2" like seriously, we don't know anything behind closed doors, maybe Nintendo paid them to have the game exclusive & then using some sort of PR talk by saying "Bayonetta 2 wouldn't have being possible if it wasn't for Nintendo" as if they're the ultimate saviors. PLEASE.

jcnba282045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

I think the PS4 is doomed. See I can type ridiculous comments as well.

pierce2045d ago

I hope so. It doesn't help that this year's biggest releases seem to be skipping it, though.

AKR2045d ago

Not ALL of em', son. What ~ not (even though that isn't confirmed) - having GTA:V will kill it? It's still getting games like Batman Arkham Origins, AC4 and Watch_Dogs - just to name a few.

Neonridr2045d ago

Of course it can still be a big success. A reminder to everyone, we still haven't seen the biggest games from Nintendo yet on this system. Some people are so quick to judge something.

Ironically if the PS4 had a similar situation, everyone would be saying, wait till Sony's big games all hit. Funny how Nintendo never gets the same treatment.

mcstorm2045d ago

I agree. Lets just remind people what happened with the ps3.
The PSV is in the same boat at the moment. It needs some of the big Sony IP's that are exclusive to the psv.

I think once Nintendo give us Mario KartU, Zelda, Pikmin 3, and a new Mario game at the end of the year sales will pickup.

You just have to look at how many copy's MaroU has sold on the WiiU to see that it is Nintendo's own games that push there consoles.

Neonridr2045d ago

totally agree, look I am not going to sit here and pretend Nintendo is sitting pretty. I may be a fan of Nintendo, but I'm not delusional. I know that the 2nd half of this year is huge for them if they want to build up any sort of momentum leading into the holiday season. Since we all know it's going to be Sony (and MS too if they launch) that everyone is talking about this christmas. Nintendo needs to make sure that they have the quality software present to increase that userbase.

Nintendo is walking on a thin ice, and they need to act quickly.

mcstorm2045d ago

@Neonridr I agree with you there to Nintendo do need to bring out the big guns but I expect them to do this. I expect Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to push hard this holiday season but because the WiiU will of been out 12 Months by then there will be some very good deals to be had as well as the big name games like Mario Kart and back catalogue of games to bundle with the console where the PS4 and Next xbox will only have a hand full of games at the start.

SilentNegotiator2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

"Lets just remind people what happened with the ps3"

Let me remind YOU what happened with the Ps3.

It NEVER sold as poorly as Wii U even when it with these factors against it:
-Not in EU for several months
-Outrageous price
-slow start to third party support

I'll repeat myself since Wii U fans can't seem to get this through and I see the foolish PS3 comparison every other Wii U article.

Ps3 ***NEVER*** did as poorly as Wii U and it had much more pressing factors against it.

mcstorm2045d ago

@SilentNegotiator wow talk about spitting your dummy out. I never said it sold as poor as the WiiU but it was selling poor at the beginning and its lack of 1st party games were an issue. Sony corrected this and look what happened. That is my point. Start to speak like an adult rather than a kid with toys.

The PSV has had a slow start to but again im not writing that console off. I don't think it will ever out sell the 3DS but I think once Sony get the right IP's out for the console sales will pickup and I also think the WiiU will to.

SilentNegotiator2045d ago

Ps3 never sold less than 200K WW in a single month. Comparing a system that has done CONSISTENTLY well to Wii U is completely incorrect.

Gamecube has already proven that Nintendo exclusives with weak third party support do not make for any major revivals.

Calling someone a kid over and over doesn't make you mature. But I hope it makes you feel better about making an argument that has been debunked a thousand times over.

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MasterCornholio2045d ago

Without 3rd party support the Wii U will have an extremely difficult time especially with the impending launch of real next gen systems.

Nintendo has to be more productive with their 1st party titles and manage to convince 3rd partys to release games on the Wii U plus a price drop if the Wii U is closely priced to any other next gen system and they will be just fine.

Ashunderfire862045d ago

People have to account for the fact that EA built it's next gen engine, for Gen 4 systems. They don't believe that Wii U is a gen 4 system. If Nintendo don't even get any of EA's sport games due to the Frostbite Engine 3, then Nintendo will have a very hard time. Nintendo really dig themselves a hole this time, and it shows. I am going to E3 this year, and I will look real carefully at the Pre E3 Nintendo booth. Nintendo better have games that deliver or they will bite the dust. I want to see Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros. 4, a New Metroid game, New Zelda, New F-zero, and even big surprises like GTA 5 announce for Wii U.

madjedi2045d ago

Even if the wii u is a total failure nintendo will just go all out on it's handheld systems, since that is it's strongest division.

Pintheshadows2045d ago

I'm still amazed that Nintendo are not holding a press conference this year. They really should.

Crillvirus812045d ago

Why when Nintendo directs are a hundred times better and they can do as many as they want and not have to worry about the time and money it cost for them to do them live press conferences at e3 they will still be at e3 on the show floor with demos its just the conference that's not going to be live so expect about 3 to 5 Nintendo directs and even if they do 2 I bet you it will add up to way more time then they would have had live on stage I'm hype more for there's then the other 2 lol

Pintheshadows2045d ago

I didn't even know what a Nintendo Direct was until about a month ago when Nintendo confirmed they would not be doing a presser at E3. They simply don't have enough exposure whereas E3 is massive to the point where casual gamers I know watch the conferences.

yugovega2045d ago

Nintendo missing ea sports games have never hurt Nintendo. When's the last time you ever heard anyone sy "i have to get that new madden on nintendo _____"?never. only sports games that succeed on Nintendo are Mario sport, wii sports, and tecmo bowl.

THamm2045d ago

That's the problem. People that are buying the system are only buying it for Mario, Zelda, etc. The majority are going elsewhere and the Wii U needed to WOW everyone with some kind of graphical superiority over the PS3/XBOX and it failed to do that, I think they released too early and without an iconic launch game, just promises. Same situation with the Gamecube

yugovega2045d ago

luigis mansion is very iconic compared to what launch with wiiu. but I can't say theres anything wrong with not buying ea sports games considering they are the same every yar. why not just release dlc for new rosters instead of a full priced game? and to some Nintendo needed to show graphical power, to others they needed to show great experiences. and those that have tried nintendoland saw what experiences are coming and were sold.

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