Krieg Psycho Pack rolling out for Borderlands 2 players on Xbox LIVE now

El33tonline writes:

"Borderlands 2 players, it’s finally time to freshen up your game and play through it all over again with the release of a brand new playable character, the brutish and melee-focussed psycho bandit, Krieg."

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Doggaming1922d ago

I wish i cared, Milk someone elses wallet Gearbox your not geting anymore money from me

LogicStomper1922d ago

Then, build a bridge and get over it.

MasterD9191922d ago

Seems like they could have let him off as a freebie since they've already charged most players for Gauge.

Plus, he doesn't necessarily fit with the other characters since he seems more of a baddie.

Gearbox has to make up that Aliens Colonial Marines loss of income somehow I guess though.

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