Top Tuesday: 5 video games about real food [Mweb Gamezone]

Mweb Gamezone's columnist looks back on some of gamings best food related games. Mmmmmm.

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DesVader2041d ago

Skittles - Magically delicious :D

DesVader2041d ago

MacDonalds certainly using this medium. Very interesting..guess its a good overlap. I would have expected more pizza tie-ins.

Choc_Salties2041d ago

That's what Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was all about. I'm surprised that they didn't brand-lock themselves in, but then again, that's around the time that I noticed pizzeria's started opening up all over the place. I bet if you look carefully, St. Elmo's probably started roundabout that time...

Its a conspiracy by the cheese cartel, I tell you!

PandaMcBearface2041d ago

That Ronald McDonald platform game looks creepy as ****. Although, I do have a morbid terror of clowns so I'm not exactly unbiased in this case.