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Steam Box: How Valve Ended The Console Wars

In a near future, Gabe Newell has announced the Steam Box that will end the console wars and put gaming back into the hands on the gamers. (Culture, Next-Gen, Steam Box, Valve)

ltachiUchiha  +   808d ago
What is that? His portable lunchbox? Lol just kidding, hope its a cool device.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   808d ago
Article is fail. They cancelled the linuxbox/steam box/piston when Ms announced the new Xbox. They even backed out of e3. Google it people!
Linsolv  +   807d ago
Piston was not SteamBox. Confirmed within like a week of the initial reveal. It is not and was not ever the "steambox." There were, I think, some initial talks between Steam and the guys behind Piston, but they ended up going their separate ways.
nick309  +   808d ago
No console will ever end console wars, no matter how good itll be or having great hardware, console exclusives will always exist.
Jek_Porkins  +   808d ago
No offense to Gabe or people that like this sort of thing, but I'll never buy a device for gaming that doesn't take physical discs. I don't play PC games for many reasons, but this thing doesn't seem appealing to me in the least, and the $1000 price point is something that most people will probably pass on altogether.
-GametimeUK-  +   808d ago
I used to feel the same, but digital titles seem like a step forward for me. Thanks to Valve I have full trust in digital only, but only if it improves.
Jek_Porkins  +   808d ago
The problem is, licenses expire, so digital content expires and you never actually own anything. All of my games from childhood and my teenage years I can still play, I still own them, and as long as I have a working console I can play them, online or off. That is why I like physical media, aside from those reasons, my internet is capped at 150 gigs a month, I use most of this with simple Netflix/Hulu ect... I couldn't imagine having to download every single game I wanted to play.
NastyDaddeh  +   808d ago
but we dont even know the price of the steambox cause its not out yet
Jek_Porkins  +   808d ago
We've heard it isn't going to be competitively priced with game consoles though, and as much as $1000, so that puts it absolutely out of the question for me, I can get a PS4/Xbox 720 for that price.
TidePride  +   808d ago
It may be cool but damn a $1,000 for it? And we thought consoles would be high at launch.
NastyDaddeh  +   808d ago
we dont even know the price of the steambox cause its not out yet
brave27heart  +   808d ago
No thanks. Just doesnt work for me. Maybe Im too ingrained in console tradition but Steambox, Ouya and their ilk just dont do it for me. Consoles are consoles, with all their good and bad points, Steambox is a Pc masquerading as a console and seems to be neither really.
GABRIEL1030  +   808d ago
Well, I'll check the equation:
PS4(399) + XBOXINFINITY(399) + PS VITA(199) = STEAM 1000!
No thanks, steam box.
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NastyDaddeh  +   808d ago
steambox is not out yet, we dont know the price
SDF Repellent  +   808d ago
I am sorry, but for $1000, I rather add in a little extra $$$ to build me a supped-up PC that can do everything, including gaming.
zippycup  +   808d ago
to me the good thing about a console is not having to upgrade i used to be a PC gamer but sadly keeping up whit all new graphics or CPU's was just to expensive

and yes computer games look better than consoles but you spend a lot more in the long run on a PC than you do on a ps3 or even Xbox whit live

to me the only thing that rely makes PC games better than console is the modding community i used to create maps for quake2 unreal and morrowind and although a pain in the ass but once you were done and able to play them that was awesome
KillrateOmega  +   808d ago
If I was going to drop $1000, then I'd just go ahead and work toward building a full-blown gaming PC...
kevnb  +   808d ago
you really dont have to upgrade all the time to game on pc. You can if you want to get better graphics and higher resolution. I still have a gtx 460 that works just fine. That's a 3 year old video card. I dont mind upgrading every 4-5 years if I can still play all my games, I think console gamers would do the same.
And this steam box thing is nothing new, just the first one with such a strong brand attached to it.
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ACESupERIC  +   808d ago
The piston is 1000 dollars. The steam box is 2-300 euros (lbs?)according to the article. Aren't they 2 different sytems? At 1.29 euros to 1 U.S. dollar that's 258.00-387.00. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. As far as it taking over the console market, I don't think so. I like physical copies of games because when I'm done with it and don't plan on playing it again I can sell it or loan it to my friends. I also wouldn't be able to borrow games from my friends which is something I do pretty regularly. I am pretty excited to see one in action, though I don't think I'll be getting one any time soon. But, who knows?
ACESupERIC  +   808d ago
Googled it! Xi3 split from valve to develope the piston which costs 999.00 U.S. dollars. The steam box is from valve and is, according to the article, 2-300 euros or pounds or whatever they use for money in europe. Thats 258-387.00 U.S.dollars.Also the steam box seems to be a little watered down when compared to the piston. While the steam box is more of a console the piston seems to be more of a pc tweaked for gaming. Maybe that's why its so expensive?
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EverydayDigitals  +   808d ago
No game that comes out next year is going to run on a $250-350 PC. Sorry. They aren't going to subsidize hardware either because it'll pretty much kill any chance of any other PC maker releasing a Steam Box.

The Steam Box is DOA
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   808d ago
Sorry to burst your bubble guys, they killed the linuxbox. Valve also said they won't be at e3. So it looks like Ms and Sony will duke it out. Fortunately for valve they saved face unlike Nintendo.
DragonKnight  +   807d ago
Yeah, no. The Steam Box will fail hard. The group it appeals most to, that being PC gamers, won't find a reason to buy a "console" that is inferior to their rigs and it seems unlikely that console gamers who don't already have an interest in Steam to begin with will pick this up.

Also, lol at the article using the Old Man from the PS4 reveal conference. You trying to say that Valve had any part of that?

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