Final Fantasy X HD Vs PS2 with one GIF

Product-Reviews writes: The screenshots that we have seen for Final Fantasy X HD so far are very impressive to say the least, but this GIF image gives you a clear idea of the key differences in quality between the two. Considering the long period of development and Square-Enix’ reluctance to give out information on the game, it tell us that this isn’t just a bog standard lazy port.

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FamilyGuy2037d ago

Been looking forward to this, I really wish some of my anticipated games would come out already. As it stands it looks like everything I want will be releasing right next to each other later this year -_-

Dragon's Crown
South Park the Stick of Truth
Beyond two souls
The Last of us
PS4 with Infamous Second Son
Monolith softs Wii-U RPG
FF14 on PS3
Possibly GTA 6

Probably forgetting something but the point is this waiting sucks.

MoveTheGlow2037d ago

I'm pretty sure Monolith confirmed that it's Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so that's even better news :)

SpaceGhost2037d ago

You're missing Thief 4 there good sir. Other then the sports game that I suck at, I agree

inveni02037d ago

I'm actually a little nervous about Thief 4. The magic of Thief was its peers when it released. When it first hit our screens, we'd never seen stealth applied to an FPS. That was a major part of the magic.

This means that the team bringing back Thief will need to do something with stealth that we haven't seen before. Even just one major mechanic that you don't get from other games will do it, but it HAS to be there, or it risks being just another game.

NBT912037d ago

GTA 6? =P

Anyway waiting for games only to go bankrupt when they all release at the same time is the joy of being a gamer.
And just think, it makes us really good at managing finances, so that's a thing.

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ChickeyCantor2037d ago

What is so impressive about this? All they did was redraw the textures and render it at a higher resolution.

Obviously you are a FF-X fan. But why are people hyping this so badly? Good for those who are fans...but seriously this is not "impressive".

They literally did a texture revamp. Look at the sprite grass, they haven't even added more flora. So I take the environment hasn't been touched either.

TopDudeMan2037d ago

Because ffx was a good game and a lot of people haven't played it since the PS2 was last relevant.

For some people an up-scaling to a higher resolution is more than enough reason to be excited for this.

andrewsqual2037d ago

In Europe we were also screwed over with a terrible 50hz PAL port complete with black borders. We are all delighted to get this too.

2037d ago
jrbeerman112037d ago

I just want it on my vita

Cryptcuzz2037d ago

I'm excited for this simply because I enjoyed the original game on the PS2. That is why I will be getting this game.

I really liked the battle system as well as the sphere grid that lets you choose how you wanted to upgrade your characters. The story line kept me hooked til the end and the ending was and is still good til this day.

On top of that, the summons were so awesome.

Compared to FF 13, the summons in this game is way better compared to FF13 and is more in line with how the past Final fantasy game summonings are suppose to be.

In 13, I was put off at how they were like mechanical vehicles (bad design) and simply did not have the same nostalgic feelings as previous FF games.

FFX also had memorable characters that the series is known for. All the characters were liked and had a personality. Compared to FF 13 and its character, this game had a much better cast that overall is liked by the fans.

I understand if you do not like JRPG or RPG games in general, then this is not for you, but those who are should be excited for this game.

Whats not to like in seeing one of your beloved games in greater detail in a remastered release?

Ask the millions that go watch and buy all the remastered releases of Disney classics.

grimmweisse2037d ago

Clearly you don't know what you're talking about!

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2037d ago
The Great Melon2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Auron's textures appear to look worse in the remaster, but that might just be because he is farther from the camera. Conversely, going closer to the camera we see Lulu looks even more stunning. =P

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tr00p3r2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

If they can do this with Final Fantasy X, imagine what they could do with FFVII and FFVIII.

FamilyGuy2037d ago

That would be completely different, all they're doing here is laying textures on top of the base models and environments. For FF7 it would look better sure, but they'd still be in that chibi sprite form.

People want the PS3 tech demo version, or the one from the ff7 movie, not the shrimpy bobble-heads of the original with textures slapped on like they were about to do here.

CLOUD19832037d ago

Don't talk about every1 because in my case I believe that realistic models would destroy many humorous scenes in FFVII so I believe that "if" they decide to remake FFVII sometime in the future the "out-of-battle" models must remain in that chibi form as u say but they can put all the effort they want to make the "in-battle" models as realistic & awesome as possible, that's the best direction in order to not destroy the game imo.

FamilyGuy2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

@ Cloud

I clearly said "People", not "everyone", I get what you're saying and I was referring to the majority when I said that but who am I to say even that? It's just an assumed thought based on all the excitement that original PS3 FF7 tech demo brought about in a large number of people.

Anyway, you're still arguing the difference between a remake and a remaster.
Remake = change as much as they need to while leaving the essence intact.
Remaster = Cleaned up graphics without changing anything else.

Any jokes associated with those cute forms would be changed because the whole game would be changed in a remake.

Do you really think HD textures on ff7 would look good? If they were to remaster it I think the only relevant look would be cell-shading. They could then be made HD and still look cute.

minimur122037d ago

awesome :D

hopefully the quality doesnt decrease on the Vita Dx

Aggesan2037d ago

Missed this game the fist time around, so I'm really looking forward to this!

You all getting it on Vita or Ps3?

maddfoxx2037d ago

Vita, because no other games on the system interest me at the moment. I am tempted to just get it on PS3, because it comes with X-2.
I hope they do cross-play for this because I would love to play on the big screen when I'm home and on the vita when Im at a friends house.

GreenRanger2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

You all stared at Lulu's breasts to see the difference between the switching images, didn't you?
Admit it!

RTheRebel2037d ago

Lulu will look nice on my 55"inch ;)

Buuhan12037d ago Show
I_am_Batman2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

@Buuhan1: I really hope that you've meant your Vita display.

Cid332037d ago

even better on my 135 inch :))

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