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Dev on next-gen: Bring back “core gaming,” graphics to let you “see things you've never seen before”

Q-Games’ president Dylan Cuthbert hopes that the PS4 and next Xbox will focus more on core games. He also thinks that the “innovation” for next-gen consoles is the graphics technology as “you’ll see things you never seen before.” (Dylan Cuthbert, PS4, Xbox One)

Update The headline should be "Q-Games President: Next-Gen Graphics Encourage Gameplay Ideas." Apologies for the error.

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PigPen  +   658d ago
I never knew the core gaming went away. It's always good for fresh ideas and new games, but I am going to watch closely at what they come up with.
seanpitt23  +   658d ago
A lot of pc Gamers will say they have already seen the graphics what the ps4 can do.
Something tells me that we are in for one hell of a ride next gen

Just think less than a month for the best E3 ever guys cannot wait what a time to be a gamer :)
Ezio2048  +   658d ago
Exactly, BF3 and Crysis 3 are few of the juggernauts on PC but certainly PS4/Nextbox will pioneer to an unprecendented level. I prefer PS4 simply coz i love Sony. ;)
isarai  +   658d ago
Here's the thing though, i myself am a PC gamer, and i've played all the graphical great maxed out(not crysis 3 maxed but it still looked great even though i thought it sucked as a game) and yeah while a few games do show what next gen will do(possible even more than it can do) the fact is not many PC games test the hardware at that level. Sure you can mod the games but they only go so far and are almost always very poorly optimized. With Console games now using some of the latest graphical features i think it'll make PC gamers (such as myself) a lot happier as now all you favorite devs will now be using, optimizing, and setting the standard of the newest gaming technology.
sway_z  +   658d ago

What have they ever done that made a difference??
Knushwood Butt  +   658d ago
Well, they were one of the first to release games in 1080p for the PS3.
MoveTheGlow  +   658d ago
They set the course for independent developers way before it was cool. Check out their DSiWare releases and Pixeljunk Eden.

Also, they're the only ones who have the guts to support what Tetsuya Mizuguchi wanted to do after Rez. That alone puts them ahead of the pack. If you want companies that have informed the norm in triple-A games, no, they didn't do anything to create that, and thank Jubileus they didn't.
Jovanian  +   658d ago
'you’ll see things you never seen before'

I've been seeing games in 1080p and high detail for years now..
Bladesfist  +   658d ago
"you will see things others have been seeing since early 2000."* fixed.
M-M  +   658d ago
What's up cayleee?
MrDead  +   658d ago
You do know the difference between resolution, texture detail and what the next gen game engines bring us don't you? 1080p doesn’t mean next gen.

If it would make you happy why not ask dev’s to keep all current gen engines so that the new consoles can run everything at 1080p+ at 60fps+.
TwistedMetal  +   658d ago
i agree havent seen anything like god of war 3 on pc. just putting the slider to 1080p on pc means nothing. pc games need more heart and soul put into the graphics. less of that fallout, WoW type mmo stale graphics.
MysticStrummer  +   657d ago
A PC gaming elitist commenting on a console article? How novel.

Do you guys know how insecure this makes you look?

I'm guessing not.
Dark_Overlord  +   658d ago
I'm so glad the link goes to the full interview and not the crappy selective version at beefjack.
TemplarDante  +   658d ago
Casual gamers are fickle as f**ck.
Today, Ipad is their gaming God, tomorrow is the next craze.
So, Lets bring Hardcore BACK!
The casual crowd will drag us (gaming community) into a ditch, then head to the next craze, and it will game over for us.
So in the nicest way possible, F Them. :)
CEOSteveBallmer  +   658d ago
I agree with you totally. Im not bashing casual gamers but look at the 90's gaming era where games are so hard to beat and yet small kids could play them. unlike today, where there is this "New cool craze stuff" like Candy crush. even gamers I know are so into it its so embarrassing to think. Casual gaming just "stemmed" out of Hardcore gaming. Nothing beats the original. Even mario is a core game.
Ezio2048  +   658d ago
But damn right mate. Hardcoreee gaming is back in its fullest form. :D
ichimaru  +   658d ago
that was a scary read. you realize " they" are just gamers who aren't passionate about games and play for fun right? heck if it weren't for casuals this industry wouldn't be a multi billion dollar parrot, your devs might have budgets a quarter of the size they are now and consoles would have half the services they offer now because there no big pocket casuals to compete over. the hardcore make a small fraction of the industry, but we demand the most
MRMagoo123  +   657d ago
There is no way on earth casuals are the reason the industry is going well, if it where not for core gamers consoles wouldnt sell at all, no casual gamers fork out $1000 AUS for a console when its released and if they didnt sell for that kinda price they would not have bothered making them in the first place with all the new specs.

Casual gamers are the reason achievements/trophies where made, they need some award every time they complete a lvl or kill a bad guy, casual gamers are the reason why games all became COD. all in all core gamers are the ones that made the industry what it is and a lot of the early core gamers are now the developers of the games now.

you are just plain wrong in every way it isnt funny.
ichimaru  +   657d ago
you, being of sound mind and adult judgment whole heartedly believe that there are 140million "hardcore" gamers sustaining this.market? that must be why sony and Ms have been trying to beat each other out for features like netflix and Facebook instead of taking chances on cult favorites that push the envelope but sale like used cardboard
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   658d ago
What he probably means is that he wants this gen like the previous gaming generations. the era of SNES, super NES, PSOne, PS2 almost all games are core games. mario, zelda, metroid, metal gear, final fantasy, resident evil, JRPGS, syphon filter, hitman, tomb raider and many others. Where all games doesn't just require you to have a high score but have "complex" and difficult mechanics. I agree kids in the old days are real gamers compared to todays ones. Imagine games like castlevania series and ninja gaiden on the NES, kids are able to play it despite of its difficulty. and today kids just play on smartphones and tablets, Candy crush, temple run 2, angry birds space.

But core gaming never went anywhere. We have blockbuster games. Its just not as many compared to the old days
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MRMagoo123  +   657d ago
My son can play all those games , he was playing street fighter against me when he was 3, its not the kids that all like those kinda games its the older ppl that never got into gaming when it first boomed so they get in on the shallow end, luckily for me i was gaming in the 80s and will continue till my fingers cease up with arthritis or fall off but im only 32 now there are a lot more years to come and my son will be core gaming too.

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