MIND 0 Debut Trailer

Acquire has released the debut trailer for MIND 0, a new JRPG for the PlayStation Vita. Many gamers online are comparing the game to Person 4 Golden for the PlayStation Vita since it features a similar story base. MIND 0 will be available for PlayStation Vita in Japan on August 1st, 2013.

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jc485731891d ago

this is one of the reasons why I like Acquire because they share some similarities with Atlus. Not just based on this game alone of course. wonder if they should merge. Acquire Atlus sounds pretty cool.

Sanquine901891d ago

ugh i hate first person view .... i wish third person ... based on playing persona 3 & 4

r211891d ago

Ok, its a dungeon crawler but when battling, it seems 3rd person attacks. Ok, Im down with that.

Weetrice1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Mmmm alittle surprised they went with the first person view as many people have compared it to Persona. The game definitely looks/feel more like the SMT franchise from the DS/3DS platform.

I believe Acquire decided to make it first person view dungeon crawling is because there isn't any first person view dungeon crawling game on the PSVita (I could be wrong). First Person RPG players or SMT:Devil Summoner fans would most likely enjoy Mind-0 and that the PSVita have a game that is similar to SMT:Devil Summoner which is exclusive to DS/3DS platform.

Persona fans or 3rd person view fans probably be alittle dissapointed seeing that it's 1st person view as we wanted a game that was similar to Persona

What are your thoughts on Acquire deciding to make the game 1st person view?

IMO: I think they wanted to fill in a spot for first person rpg dungeon crawler that is similar to SMT:Devil Summoner for the PSVITA so we could have both worlds of dungeon crawlers in the vita.

PrimeGrime1891d ago

Is it just me or am I the only person sick of these poorly done Japanese titles that everyone is frothing at the mouths over? Sure the combat looks decent but other than that and the story, it looks terrible.

What is with that first person view, why does the character walk so robotic like. Stress my eyes just wathcing it, start, stop, start, stop, start stop, turn corner, start, stop, start, stop.

I mean this looks too much like Persona 4 and at least they did it right. I love P4G but this game even have menu almost exactly like Persona 4's I mean come on..

It is like Zero Escape, I completely get it, the story is great and for those who like reading they would probably love that game but for it to be so popular is what I don't understand because other than that it is a extremely boring game. I personally would have just rather read a book and use my imagination.

I really am not trying to be insulting but it remind me of being in highschool. All those cliques, one being the people who want to be Japanese. For someone reason they love anything that is Japanese regardless of how mediocre it may be and somehow for games like Zero Escape and this I feel that is exactly why they are so popular.

All these people just trying so hard to be Japanese. I love RPG's and Dungeon Crawlers also I literally live off them but I really don't understand the hype about these types games, sure for P4/P4G I do because it is a very well made game and breaks the traditional boundaries that we constantly see are over used like this.

Mainly because it literally looks like a knock off of Persona 4, I think I will pass. It's rare I'll say that but its just way too similar like I said even the character stat menu is almost exactly like Persona's.