Why E3 Is Terrible For Video Games: Overpromises, Promises

GR: "In this (brief) series of articles leading up to gaming's Electronic Entertainment Expo, we'll look at why E3 is bad and why you should feel bad. Outside of the insane marketing budgets and globe-spanning levels of hype, what does E3 really do for the video game industry?"

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alexcosborn2038d ago

Countdown clocks that countdown to countdown clocks.

Relientk772038d ago

^This, because I had to read it twice to understand it lol

SKUD2037d ago

Avatar shoe bottoms.

Irishguy952037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

"Historical battles"
*Giant crab jumps out

MS E3's were dreadfully hilarious the last couple of years. Specially the kinect one. This E3 should be amazing though. Ps4 and Nextbox? Yes/

linkenski2037d ago

Excellently put. You get a "well said" for that!

Loki862037d ago

Yet every year people like the OP flock to their computer anxiously waiting for the next conference to transpire.

Godmars2902037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

That's because more and more the promises made aren't kept. Games a being shown off too early only to either be scaled back or canceled outright.

Just like Metacritic rather than actual sales are being used to judge games, at one time E3 was being used to determine when a game released.

colonel1792037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Exactly. They now show games for the sake of showing something and "win" E3, only to pretend they never existed. Agent shouldn't have been announced, Final Fantasy Versus XIII either. The Last Guardian had to be shown because it was leaked by Playstation Lifestyle, but it was clearly too early.

Not only that, but because they want to make an impression, they announce things way beyond what they end up being. Killzone 2 trailer, Kinect, etc.

E3 should be about upcoming games for the year (June to June) not more. There are a lot of games that are announced and come out 2 to 3 years later, and are shown at 2 or 3 E3, so why reveal it then and not wait until the year when it would come out?

MikeMyers2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )


I totally agree and don't worry about the disagrees. Some people obviously take offense to your games you listed even though it's true. If a game is scheduled to come out in a year then show it off. Don't show CGI trailers or just a logo like The Agent so that you hope people are talking about your system. Don't show demonstrations like Milo that never materialize.

I want to see real gameplay. I also want to see more accountability with release dates. E3 usually just leads to a pissing contest for fanboys to pick a winner. Year after year we get sucked in thinking it will be great and most times it's filled with embarrassing moments and bad pacing. Then you have speakers who look like they've never held a controller in their lives acting like what they are showing is awesome.

More real gameplay, more accountability (games that will actually ship in the near future)and more surprises. That's what I want to see.

KwietStorm2037d ago

Man is it human nature to try to fine something bad about every anything good? Or is it just an internet thing?

knifefight2037d ago

Actually yes, psychologists have found that humans are drawn to negativity 5 times as much as positivity.

That's why TV and paper news is mostly bad news too.

Hicken2037d ago

Yeah, it's a human thing, alright. One of the suckier things we do.

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