Fire Emblem: Awakening Interest in the 3DS

Fire Emblem: Awakening is a must-try for fans of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and any 3DS owner with a strategy game fetish.

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dbjj120881653d ago

Fire Emblem is the best game on 3DS imho.

3-4-51652d ago

it's in top 3 for sure. Great game.

Blacktric1652d ago

And Tharja is the best girl.


RAFFwaff1652d ago

buy this game people. seriously. money may be tight, and people have more than one console these days, but everyone needs to experience this gem. serious Game of the Year contender.

ThaBlackBaron1652d ago

This game IS the #1 Contender for 2013 GOTY SO FAR! definitely a must buy!

MilkMan1652d ago

Please, there are tons of games on 3DS that are blazing. This is ONE of them. Since I bought the 3DS there hasn't been a time where I left it home or it was collecting dust.

hano1651d ago

The artwork and dialogue in this game is top notch. I just had to get that out of the way.

My favorite Fire Emblem to date.