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If The New Xbox Was Cheaper Than PS4, Would You Consider It?

Price is always a determining factor. If money was tight and you really wanted a next-gen console this year, would you spring for a cheaper Xbox 720? (PS4, Xbox One)

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The_Infected  +   746d ago
All depends on the games and content. If they have some games and tons of entertainment then no. Microsoft really needs to show gamers they care and do all they can to give gamers more exclusive games next gen and do something about Xbox Live. Either make it worth the price or make it free to play online. All those factored in would make my decision.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   746d ago
Yeah I agree with Kratos.

I do consider myself more of new school gamer (with old school gaming roots). I want games first and my services second. The service is something I consider imortant in these consoles.

You are right the games have to be there first and foremost.

Which was the problem with the Wii U. Nintendo showcased and promised all these games and while they did have a solid line up, the software is extremely dry.

Resulting in slow sales and adopt rate. Now remember the Wii U is significantly stronger than PS3 and Xbox. And even updated its IOS and made the overall system faster.

But that means absolutely nothing....with out games.
S2Killinit  +   746d ago
I want to agree with you but there is one thing I can't forget. Remember, back when the systems had just come out? in the first years MS was paying developers to keep their games either exclusive to 360 or release it earlier, or provide additional downloadable content for 360 (which really sucks for the gaming community IMO) Then as the years progressed, you saw less and less focus on games and more focus on the casual and secondary entertainment. It seems that this game plan has not changed for the 720. In fact only recently there was rumors that they are going after 3rd parties to basically Pay for exclusivity. You have to ask, for how long? This game plan is only viable if they believe that the initial push is all that matters. Then the people who buy into the system will carry the system on for the rest of the generation just as they did with the 360. This strategy actually works for MS, the xbox owners are not upset with MS and MS did make profit so it works for them. So xbox's initial game focus will not be telling of the system's long term focus. Don't get me wrong, I will eventually purchase an xbox, but for now, I will be buying a PS4 for my gaming needs.
ape007  +   746d ago
it MUST be cheaper, going head to head against SONY in the same time period with the same price is a suicide imo, yeah I prefer xbox 360 this gen (still like ps3) but that's the truth and btw ps2 was one of my fav consoles of all time
Upbeat  +   746d ago
personally I think ill buy both, for the best of both worlds, playstation have proven that there 1st party development teams can come up with some truly terrific games, the birth of the 360 had some great games aswell, gow, halo 3 and lost odyssey, but all the quality games on 360 just died away at the same time the ps3 games got better and better, hope the same doesnt happen for next gen.
capjacksparrow  +   746d ago
PS4 is a definite for me. The New Xbox has to have everything the PS4 has, games I'm really interested in (of which the 360 didn't have many for me), and an extremely low price before I buy one. I am not a fanboy of any specific console manufacturer, I actually played my original Xbox just as much (maybe even more) as my PS2. This past generation has been completely different. I bought the 360 for 200 bucks and played 4 games on it. I just don't know if it's worth the investment.
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joeyisback  +   746d ago
Broburger  +   746d ago
patterson  +   746d ago
It was "cheaper" this gen but when you added up the subscription service over the years and battery's for your controller it was way more expensive. And their weird currency.. no thank you.

I'll stick with PS4. No hidden fees and everything is up front, no bs.
ALLWRONG  +   746d ago
"I'll stick with PS4. No hidden fees and everything is up front"

Other than Gaikai, Sony has said nothing about what they may charge for services next gen. You know next to nothing about PSN next gen but you assume it's going to be the same? Logic like this is why your fanbase gets laughed at.
b777conehead  +   744d ago
your all wrong
satam55  +   746d ago
No! Because Microsoft would still make-up for it by charging for Xbox Live.
T2  +   746d ago
Ya that would def factor in... Cost is total cost. I dont need a fn forced payment plan ... Not sure how you got disagrees unless ppl anticipate free xbl this gen
greenpowerz  +   746d ago
I figured this was aimed at hardcore loyalist. Stupid thing to ask. Most people will be looking at capability and features(added value besides games). Many people could care less what the other platforms cost when they been conditioned to seek out what the console does first. No one has a complete picture of these consoles(one is not even announced)

I know the xbox will have games, I can't wait to see what MSFT will offer besides games more than anything. People could have purchased a Wii U for cost but people are waiting to see what they came to love is improved apon else where.

MSFT seems to be the leader and people know it. Games alone won't win any generation from here on out. until Somebody beats MSFT as the leader in expanding this industry beyond gaming not many people will care about the price of Wii U or PS4. People buying those consoles are already going to do so regardless. The article has it backwards
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fathoms  +   746d ago
The article doesn't make any conclusion at all.

And I'm sorry, I don't care what bells and whistles a video game system has, it has - and will always be - reliant upon GAMES to sell.
Hicken  +   746d ago
Who thinks Microsoft is the leader? Even you don't really believe that, do you?
Muerte2494  +   746d ago
talking about a games console and games aren't what your'e worried about? Good job, greenpowerz. You're are the target audience Microsoft is trying to appeal to. I mean what idiot buys a game console for games? That's just asinine.

Whenever you're launching a system you're suppose go back to your core audience. These are the people that are going to convince their friends and family to buy one. Microsoft isn't a leader other wise they would have made the xbox360 play HD-DVDs. That would have won them the the HD disc war. They did a redesign of the xbox360 anyway so I don't see why they couldn't. Also the casual audience doesn't really work either. They buy games like once or twice a year if that. You need people that can sustain the industry and that's the hardcore gamer. The guy who buys 4 - 6 games a year.

I'm glad you aren't on the board of advisers because you'd be fired. You're strategy is a losing one.
MysticStrummer  +   746d ago

Microsoft exclusives interest me only slightly more than Nintendo's, and paying a rental fee to play the online mode of a game I already bought is not going to happen.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   746d ago
doesn't matter... i'll prolly end up with both sooner or later lolz
RuleofOne343  +   746d ago
The price of the Next Gen Xbox was never an issue I was ever concerned with. My concerns were when will it be released ,features, games but seeing as how I have never been disappointed in my prior Xbox purchases i see no reason to worry at all.
miyamoto  +   746d ago
Hell No!

Who in his sane mind would want to help fund Bill Gates' eugenics, Chem Trails, Autism Vaccines and the Dumbing Down of America, GMO Mosquitoes, global depopulation agenda just to play games?


Gaming is about having fun and enjoying life not helping to fund the demise of millions of people.

I want my games and entertainment from a reputable and clean source not a genocidal monster like M$.
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gamertk421  +   746d ago
Yes, even if more expensive
SKUD  +   746d ago
When it comes to the next xbox. 2 year standard warranty or total BUST. Restoring consumer confidence in the hardware should be job one.
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Urusernamesucks  +   746d ago
Regardless . Yeah.
Typical-Guy  +   746d ago
If it's as exciting as the PS4, then hell yes!
edonus  +   746d ago
The real answer to this question will be between NO and very very little. I know if the Ps4 came in lower than the nextbox it would do very little for me to change. And the console hasnt even been revealed yet.
This is how it would be for any consumer that has a starting point at another console.
The way I see it, is that Sony makes certain type of games no one else makes. Actually they all have their specialties.
Sony can make a Heavy Rain and move 2 million units. They have the audience for it. MS could make a Heavy Rain but it wouldnt sell without a major major push. Look at Alan Wake. Alan Wake is one of the most perfect games this gen and it struggled to hit 1 million.
Its not that the Sony audience is better or more diverse, its just that the customers each attract are more geared towards certain preferences. Thats why all the big community based FPS will always sell better on the 360. Sony could have never had any success with kinect... their audience is too deep the other way.
The interesting thing is the start of new generations resets parts of the market. If say Beyond 2 Sould and the Last Of Us actually sell a whole bunch of units and looks like their is a mass interest to support games like that MS will make a few games like that with in a couple years. They all look at each other ad see whats working and whats not. the first 5 years they market hasnt settled yet so they can experiment more thats why those 1st few years are always so exciting. i just hope this gen they stay trying to push and innovate and not let the market go cold like they did this gen. I think they werent prepared for the long life cycle.
FrightfulActions  +   746d ago
I'll never get an Xbox as long as microsoft charges for multiplayer services. When I purchase a game I like to know I can enjoy the multiplayer when I get home without worrying about a subscription.
T2  +   746d ago
Yes I did it but no longer unless xbl is drastically better next gen.. Its unlikely
jakmckratos  +   746d ago
nope. I dont feel like playing Halo again.
josephayal  +   746d ago
no meh! PS4 day one
headblackman  +   746d ago
consider it? this question must be for a squirl- giraffe? you consider having a baby. you consider what kind dealing with a bad haircut from a bad barber. you consider to take the fat girl on an unsuccessful booty hunting club night. you don't consider one of the greatest console gaming systems ever created. you just buy it!
WeAreLegion  +   746d ago
Bumpmapping  +   746d ago
Nope I like variety Sony 4 Life.
headblackman  +   746d ago
variety? name a style of game that's not on an Xbox console? variety is not limited to the systems exclusive titles. call of duty is bigger than any exclusive title for any console so how's that for your variety obsession?
Jaqen_Hghar  +   746d ago
but when comparing them directly a man will not consider third party games that are the same on each console and play the same. A man will consider exclusives because that's the part where they're different. Online models and price play a small factor when the exclusives are better on one system. PS3 is still more expensive and yet exclusives and online sell it.
CanadianTurtle  +   746d ago
I think another reason as to why the PS3 fell behind the 360 was because it was a lot more expensive. Price is always a strong variable, especially nowadays where not as many people are willing to pay 60bucks for a game.

Personally, after what Sony has announced, I'm still getting the PS4 regardless of the price difference for the next Xbox. Sony has proven this generation that they really do care about the hardcore fanbase by putting out outstanding exclusives. I want to be able to experience that.

My biggest fear with Microsoft's next console is what they've been doing this generation. Not putting out as many exclusives from the in-house "Microsoft Studios."
I know they have the money, so why aren't they putting out new franchises of AAA exclusives? Why is it only Gears, Halo, and Alan Wake?

In the end, it is the games that will sell the gamer. Hence the name "gamer" (game).
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Shuyin  +   746d ago
WeAreLegion  +   746d ago
Jayjayff  +   746d ago
I'm with sony because of the exclusive and history with it. *Controller* It wouldn't sway me at all. I just like what I like. And Sony has deliver every single time, so playstation will be till I get annoyed with it, if ever.
SDF Repellent  +   746d ago
LOL, why is this question even asked on N4G?? The outcome will be the same regardless of how much cheaper the Next Xbox will be. Slow day of gaming news indeed.
leogets  +   746d ago
if u add up online charges in its lifespan then by no stretch of the imagination it will be cheaper. Sony all the way
DonFreezer  +   746d ago
I will consider it even if it's 200 usd more.What is he trying to imply that core gamers will only get the 720 if it's cheaper.Who is Sony who gets the free pass?
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