Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Be Re-released In Japan With Most Of The DLC On Disc

Siliconera - Square Enix is re-releasing Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan as a standalone game under the Ultimate Hits label (it’s Square Enix’s in houses budget line) and as Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Selection.

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a_bro1441d ago


Skate-AK1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

There was over $20 of DLC im pretty sure.

IAmLee1441d ago

Apparently some people bought it too. :')

GeckoPutt1440d ago

It was actually pretty decent DLC to be fair. Battle with enemies such as Ultros, Typhon, Lightning, Snow, PuPu, Gilgamesh. Also the Lightning DLC which wasn't mind-blowing, but enjoyable anyway.

Loved that Gilgamesh battle.

chikane1441d ago

i'll wait for Ffx/ffx-2 HD better

rather play that ff series over this garage..

and all that DLC did nothing for me since none where about Vanille ...

Godmars2901441d ago

Think they're suppose to have DLC as well.

Agent_hitman1441d ago

Hahahahaha honestly, this game is so boring and lackluster compare to PS1/PS2 FF games.

Embolado1441d ago

Yeah I found it very odd that 13-2 was not a direct sequel, well the main players where pretty much non existing, except for a few FMVs. Then later came the DLC to continue the story of Lightning, Shaz, and Snow for $5 a pop. On top of that only upon buying said DLC will they be party members, well sort of.

Plus they need to fix that sorry excuse for an ending!

Sorry not directed at you, just feel very let down by a developer that seems to be making all the wrong moves as of late. SE get your shit together, please.

ApolloTheBoss1441d ago

Please fire Toriyama. PLEASE.

Irishguy951440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Not fire, he's good so long as he's not in a higher position. The first 5 hours of FF7 is all Toriyama. He shouldn't have complete control over a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.