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Submitted by Lavalamp 1002d ago | news

Skullgirls for Wii U 'isn't looking likely' without increased console sales, dev says

Skullgirls, Zero Lab Games' downloadable fighting game, could come to Wii U, but only if the console's sales and "digital presence" improve, according to a recent tweet from the game's official Twitter account. (Skullgirls, Wii U)

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yewles1  +   1002d ago
By SwedishOTAKU on twitter.

""We won't put our game on Wii U cause it's not selling, it needs more games to sell." - I'm just sick of this excuse."

And yet people flip-flop and put the blame on Sony when similar situations occur...
colonel179  +   1002d ago
I don't understand that reasoning either. The console needs games in order to sell, obviously since it is a gaming console. But developers don't want to put games on it until it sells.

It's like who came first, the chicken or the egg?

Developers NEED to understand that they MUST take a risk and release a game so that the console sells and they can get more games and therefore sell more. If the console does not sell, and developers don't want to make games until it sells, might as well just kill the console already.
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admiralvic  +   1002d ago
I know I will get a ton of disagrees for this, but it's nothing like the Chicken or the Egg. In fact, it's all pretty simple.

It's not EA, Sega, Capcom, Ubisoft or whatever companies job to sell _____ system, it's the company that owns the systems job to do that. It really is that simple, unless you think a third party company should constantly spend the money to make Wii U games, despite making minimal to no profit. That's not to say it doesn't happen, like Capcom was awesome enough to release Monster Hunter, but Nintendo needs to give developers a reason to publish games on their system, not step back in hopes they take the risk (which thus far seems to universally result in low sales).
admiralvic  +   1002d ago
In Skullgirls defense, this isn't a super big game / company, so it's not like they can afford to take a hit. To give you an idea, they needed a kickstarter just to afford to make DLC characters...
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LoveOfTheGame  +   1002d ago
Man don't people read those really long texts on paper, oh what are they called....ah books anymore? It's not a chicken or egg thing, it's precisely a Catch 22.

Not making fun of anyone or anything like that, it's just that the tweet was a perfect explanation of a Catch 22 and no one called it. Man I'm a nerd.

Edit: Maybe the chicken and egg thing is a Catch 22 now that I think about it. Still a nerd here.
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admiralvic  +   1001d ago
No one called it one, because it isn't... a Catch 22 is a paradoxical situation where you fundamentally can't win because of changing rules. It comes from the book of the same name and was about if I recall correctly, a pilot that wants to quit, but has to take a psych test to do so, but asking for the test proved he was thinking rationally, which automatically deemed his sane. There isn't such a problem here, since the statement is coming from a fan who basically claimed that was the message they were trying to convey. Clearly this is not the case, since there is more than enough evidence to prove otherwise...

- Skullgirls failed and the DLC was killed.
- A Kickstarter campaign was announced to fund at least one DLC character and happened to be EXTREMELY successful. Even with that success, they were very transparent about what we would get and what the money went to. I believe 5 characters were funded (contrary to the original offer of 3), a few story modes and a couple of stages. While they could use this money to fund a Wii U version, you got to assume the game would also fail as it didn't do so hot on two established systems.
- The PC version still isn't out (to my knowledge) and should be done when Squiggly (first DLC character) is out if I recall things correctly. They might have released it early...
- They claimed it takes several months to make 1 character (not a game, just 1 person!), so it would make absolutely no sense to port the game without the DLC characters and Nintendo fans would be irked if they were left in the cold once again.
- Need I really keep going?

In the end, you can also apply this concept to the consumer as well, but no one wants that. "I want the system, but won't pay for it till there is games, which won't happen because no one is buying it." Someone has to break that system and it should fall on Nintendo, not the consumer or third party companies. It's only their job to make the system successful, not everyone else's.
TheSkullkid  +   1002d ago
Us Nintendites have Smash Bros. We don't need this trash anyway.
Blastoise  +   1002d ago
You don't though...unless you mean the Wii Version
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BitbyDeath  +   1002d ago
Skullboy doesn't need Skullgirls
Kiddcarter  +   1002d ago
Nintendo fans like you are the worst, you sound dumb when your only comment about any non first party game is "we have game a so we don't need game b-z". skull girls is a good game first off, and just because Nintendo has a good fighting game doesn't mean it doesn't need more, not all Nintendo fans like smash. The more options the better for everybody
danitanzo  +   1002d ago
He might not even be a nintendo fan... He might just want attention...
PigPen  +   1002d ago
While what you said is true, I know I won't miss playing that game. I have never heard of them and if it comes to Wii U; I might try it out, and if it do not it's sour milk.
SpiralTear  +   1002d ago
Hey, I suck at fighting games too and you don't see me calling this game "trash."
grimmweisse  +   1002d ago
No, you need games for your system. Having games are better than having no games. The Wii U needs games!

Also trying to compare a triple A fighting game to an indie team working a tiny budget is silly. And seeing how well skullgirls was received pretty much show your ignorance.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1002d ago
Yeah what's that one called for Wii U? Oh wait it's not out yet!
Dark11  +   1002d ago
Don't blame them people , they are just a small studio.
Jek_Porkins  +   1002d ago
Sony and Microsft might run into the same issue at first, hard to pass up an install base of a combined 160 million, for an install base of zero right now.
sway_z  +   1002d ago
Yes, but the difference is risk.

ALL the mainstream publishers are willing to take a risk on PS4/Next Xbox in spite of a zero install base, because they have better relationship with Sony/MS and are judging on how the systems have moved, and how third party games have sold (consistently) on the 2 platforms.

Publishers tend to work on trends, historical results and past relationships.

So the install thing is irrelevant in the case of PS4/Xbox.

It's not so Black and White Jek_Porkins.
Jek_Porkins  +   1002d ago
I don't know, you've already seen hesitation by Activision, and Deep Silver said they would develop for the next Xbox and PlayStation "eventually". I think we might see quite a bit of hesitation, if I'm a mid level developer I want to make the most money, which is current generation.
Trago1337  +   1002d ago
More Wii u's being sold means more devs will be attracted to the system.

It needs a bigger install base. Same thing with the PS4 and 720/Infinity.

Let the Wii U launch be a lesson for the other two.

Launch with a Killer App, so that the Install base can grow faster, then have third party games released during those first party droughts, SIMPLE.
LOL_WUT  +   1002d ago
This is starting to become a lot more common almost as if each day a different dev is saying this. ;)
PigPen  +   1002d ago
I take note of what developer said what, it help make decisions on the games I buy at retail or ebay. And there is always the thought that I might not purchase at all.
just-joe  +   1002d ago
Funny hearing developers say this while other indie developers are flocking to the Wii U.
DivineAssault  +   1002d ago
They wont do a wii u version but would love to do one on vita.. Thats funny lol.. So many vita haters out there talk mess about support for it yet defend the wii u
Rivitur  +   1002d ago
Damn skullgirls and their April fools joke last year saying it was coming to vita
PigPen  +   1002d ago
Who are the Vita haters? With almost 5 million sold in the market in over a year+, you must be talking about the whole world.
DivineAssault  +   1001d ago
5 million in one year is good enough to keep em in the game.. Just wait til the 3-4yr mark.. Even if its not high, its getting more games than wii u which is sad
Embolado  +   1002d ago
Wonder if what cost differences between a disc and distributed digitally are keeping some of these small developers from releasing games on the Wii 2. How big of a role digital distribution will play in the next gen systems? Will this become a big issue due to Nintendos refusal to embrace it?

Sorry but the Wii U has to be a contender for worst console name in history, just every so slightly above the Wii.
sway_z  +   1002d ago
When an Indie developer states they will not port to Wii U unless sales pick up, then that's a real problem.

This is harsh because the assets are low cost and the game is very easy to port to Wii U with limited costs.

This isn't even a AAA studio...Nintendo MUST FIX THIS!!
Smashbro29  +   1002d ago
The assets are low cost? On what planet is Skullgirls cheap?

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