Genius X-G510 Review | The Slanted

As technology improves and more and more features become standard, it’s hard to justify paying a lot of money for branded peripherals for the average gamer. There’s something to be said about products that standout as consistant devices without the price-tags.

The mouse works on Mac and Windows (including Windows 8) but there are limitations for Mac users. Genius has a lot of great software that helps customize the mouse, settings and other features. This also includes programming macros and speed and other settings. Mac users can’t install the software, but the mouse does work straight out of the box and works extremely well (tested on Mac 2011 Late Edition running 10.8.3). On the Mac you can usually set most of your setting in-game so it’s very convenient. If you are running Windows then you can install the software which has always been a clean and simple UI.

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