Take-Two says next-gen development will be complicated and costly

Grand Theft Auto parent publisher Take-Two Interactive believes creating compelling titles for next-generation platforms will be complicated and costly.

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Sandmano2045d ago

I hope the game prices will be the same

Axonometri2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

That is odd because from what I understand of the core processes of game development, games have been made way over tech-level in most areas and then trimmed down to make it work with the lower abilities of the hardware.

This is even the process on High end graphical PC games made for top enthusiast PC hardware. Somehow they sell PC games for less than most console titles. Yet, the new Gen Dev costs are going to be higher? Not. What is Take-two planning on doing, hiring Robert DowneyJr for every title?

SpinalRemains2040d ago

Good thing I rent then. No way I am going to pay 70 bucks for a 12 hr game. That's pure madness.