Is Microsoft Struggling to Make You Care About Xbox 3?

Jayden Williams at writes: "Microsoft is coming to the next-generation party late this time around, with the company revealing the Xbox 360′s successor next week.

For those keeping score, the next-generation of console hardware, the ‘eight’ generation, kicked off last November with the release of the Nintendo Wii U."

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NYC_Gamer2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

I'm excited to learn about the console on may 21st with legit info being revealed

Thatguy-3102045d ago

I think it is. Think what people are mostly interested is in seeing what rumors are true and false. Where are all the funny memes that made the road to
Feb 20 a lot more enjoyable?

Kal-El-0012045d ago

only fanboys aren't excited but gamers love the fact more systems and games are coming

jimbobwahey2045d ago

Yeah, same here. I always get really excited for console reveals and the next Xbox is no exception. I'm really excited to see what features the console will have, if it will be backwards compatible, which of the rumored exclusives are real and just what kind of hardware they're putting into the thing :D

Retroman2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

"is microsoft struggling to make you care about xbox3


they was struggling with xbox 1 for me not interested.

JeffGUNZ2044d ago

Yet you seem interested enough to check out an Xbox article and comment in an xbox post. Irony.

WickedLester2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

I had 2 original Xbox's. Both crapped out on me. I was going to get a 360 and then the RROD fiasco happened so I decided not be an adopter. I hope MS bucks the trend with faulty hardware this time around.

Knight_Crawler2045d ago

Hype level over 9000.

Even if you are a die hard PS fan you should atleast be interested to see what MS shows as competition is always good for us the gamers.

If MS manages to outdo the PS4 and show something ground breaking, you can bet that Sony will not just leave it at that and will want to one up MS at E3.

Pyrrhus2045d ago

I am a sony fanboy, but I cant wait to see what MS will bring to the table. Competition breeds excellence.

YNWA962045d ago

Jeez, if this guy does not like the next box, do not buy it. Simple! I own all 3 from last gen, I favour 360 mostly, but enjoy the games from all that I play, though just bowling on wii when I have people over.... Who cares about the differences in specs, thats pure Anal. Neither Sony or Microsoft will ever really care about you for buying its console, they care about your money. Loyalty is nothing, bottom line dollar does. Fanboys are a wet dream to these execs.....

TwistedMetal2045d ago

ms doesnt compete with games thouh what they releasing on the x360 while the ps3 still has games like gt6, beyond two souls, the last of us, and puppeteer and tons of other stuff. people just hype ms because thats what all there friends are playing on right now and because of they want to continue they achievements. next gen all there friends will not be on the xbox720.

SDF Repellent2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Got my money saved for the console launch. I expect great things from the Next Xbox so my excitement is through the roof. What makes it more exciting is the Tweet that both EA and Turn-10 will be revealing games at the conference.
EA with possibly Respawn's New game as a Xbox Next exclusive and of course Turn-10 is going to reveal Forza 5 for Next Gen, which is why Sony is scrambling to reveal Gran Turismo 6 for PS3 ahead of the revealing to try to steal some of the thunder from MS. The truth is how can you be excited about GT6 on current gen when Forza is already being made on actual next gen hardware.

jimbobwahey2045d ago

I wasn't sure if Turn 10 would have a new Forza ready for the launch of the next Xbox but if they do, then I really hope that it has dynamic weather! Spa and Bathurst would also be great additions to the track list I think :D

Gridloc2045d ago

I would think the install base on the PS3 is reason enough. MS launching Forza on the next Xbox with an unknown install base at launch is a bigger gamble IMO...

MysticStrummer2045d ago

"The truth is how can you be excited about GT6 on current gen when Forza is already being made on actual next gen hardware."

I supposed that depends on what kind of racing game you want to play, sim or sim/arcade hybrid.

SonyAddict2045d ago

Forza next gen? Now that's original!,
I will be playing a brand new IP>DRIVECLUB!.

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rainslacker2045d ago

I'm excited as well. Despite my criticism over some of the rumors, I'm extremely interested in what they will bring next gen, and if it will be enough to make me pick one up.

In response to the title...I don't think it's struggling, because I don't think they are actually trying to get us to care yet...that's what the 21st is for.

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Jek_Porkins2045d ago

Hell no! If anything, all the rumors make me want to know the truth that much more. I couldn't possibly be any more excited for a console reveal. I honestly feel like a kid waiting for Christmas all over again.

Belking2045d ago

Not me. 360 was good and i know the 720 will be better. It will be the talk of the industry headed into E-3 where it will be even more awesome.

Chug2045d ago

My expectations are low, maybe they'll surprise me?

maniacmayhem2045d ago

I'm excited, the bad press and all the rumors gained my 100% full attention.

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