12 Things That Will Get You Banned From Xbox Live

Complex - Hands down, Xbox Live is the most popular online service out and while everyone from entertainment world celebrities to athletes has one, they may not know how easy it is to lose it. Obviously, racism, sexism and threats of violence rank high on the list for getting booted but did you know that having the wrong color on an avatar can get you banned?

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LackTrue4K1980d ago

i remember years ago somone asked on N4G that,
"how long until im not Permanently Suspended"


Retroman1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


say what'd!!!!!! better change my color from pink to black. lol (j/k)

MikeMyers1980d ago

It said they moderated their avatar to make it blue. Xbox Live is very strict on modding.

I would like to see better moderating. I think with the ability to record and things like the share button coming for the PS4 it will provide better accuracy for proving/or disproving offenses.

A lot of gamers simply need to grow up and realize they are playing with others who may not like what they are doing. This isn't a case of freedom of speech, you must adhere to their rules and conduct.

I want to see more accountability moving forward on next gen. consoles.

GreenRanger1980d ago

I wonder if the Microsoft employee who made this got banned from Xbox Live?

Septic1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Wtf?! That can't be true surely?

jimbobwahey1980d ago

Xbox Live really isn't hands down the most popular online service out, since Steam and PSN both have considerably larger userbases.

Mikefizzled1980d ago

Xbox Live has 46m Subscribers as of April this year. That without the number of Silver members. I'd be surprised if they had considerably more.

Utalkin2me1980d ago

Did you just say silver members? ROFLMAO....

Mikefizzled1980d ago

46m People subscribe with gold memberships but it didn't say how many silver or 'free' accounts there is.

Whats so odd about that?

DasTier1980d ago

"being a mysogynist idiot is never funny"

Well it is when you spell it wrong.

Hellsvacancy1980d ago

Whats a crappy site, I couldnt even finish reading the article, it kept turning the page my itself

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The story is too old to be commented.