The 10 Worst Video Game Escort Missions Ever

Complex - Escort missions. Oh, yes. The immediate ire felt when gamers are tasked with escorting a character into and out of harm's way. If there is one thing that gamers of every stripe can agree upon, it is this: escort missions suck. We mean suck in the laziest, least inspired way for a developer to pad a game with an almost universally hated convention.

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ltachiUchiha2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Mezzo fix image so I can approve your article.

Edit: Going to approve it cause i gotta go so ill be back later.

weekev152042d ago

Man I totally forgot how annoying that Perfect Dark level was.

List fail anyway, everyone knows the worst escort mission is Natalya in Goldeneye.

God damn I hate escort levels.

PirateThom2042d ago

Metal Gear Solid 2. Underwater Escort Action.

barb_wire2042d ago

All escort missions are the worse.. no exceptions in my book.

Jovanian 2042d ago

there are good escort missions out there

bioshock infinite elizabeth
half life 2 alyx vance
clementine from walking dead

Bathyj2042d ago

Ellie is going to make or break The Last of Us. Its definitely a cause for concern.

But from what I've seen the AI looks ahead of any game on any platform, and Naughty Dog hasnt failed me yet. I have confidence in them.

smashcrashbash2042d ago

Ellie obviously is not going to be a burden. I don't even think she can get hurt by what I have seen. So far I haven't seen anything or anyone attack her. Just Joel.

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The story is too old to be commented.