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The 10 Worst Video Game Escort Missions Ever

Complex - Escort missions. Oh, yes. The immediate ire felt when gamers are tasked with escorting a character into and out of harm's way. If there is one thing that gamers of every stripe can agree upon, it is this: escort missions suck. We mean suck in the laziest, least inspired way for a developer to pad a game with an almost universally hated convention. (Culture)

ltachiUchiha  +   873d ago
Mezzo fix image so I can approve your article.

Edit: Going to approve it cause i gotta go so ill be back later.
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weekev15  +   873d ago
Man I totally forgot how annoying that Perfect Dark level was.

List fail anyway, everyone knows the worst escort mission is Natalya in Goldeneye.

God damn I hate escort levels.
PirateThom  +   873d ago
Metal Gear Solid 2. Underwater Escort Action.
barb_wire  +   873d ago
All escort missions are the worse.. no exceptions in my book.
Jovanian  +   873d ago
there are good escort missions out there

bioshock infinite elizabeth
half life 2 alyx vance
clementine from walking dead
Bathyj  +   873d ago
Ellie is going to make or break The Last of Us. Its definitely a cause for concern.

But from what I've seen the AI looks ahead of any game on any platform, and Naughty Dog hasnt failed me yet. I have confidence in them.
smashcrashbash  +   873d ago
Ellie obviously is not going to be a burden. I don't even think she can get hurt by what I have seen. So far I haven't seen anything or anyone attack her. Just Joel.
-GametimeUK-  +   873d ago
MGS 2 makes my blood boil.
Dr Pepper  +   873d ago
Worst escort mission for me was the entire first Gears of War game. Having to take care of AI-controlled Dom, who seemed to have a death wish/severe suicidal tendencies, was infuriating (especially so when playing through on the hardest difficulty). Never played the other gears of war games, so I'm not sure if this aspect was improved.
wedgie  +   873d ago
Goldeneye, in the control room. Escorting natalya was a pain in the butt, especially when she just sat there at the computer
FarCryLover182  +   873d ago
Resident Evil 5 was the worst escort game I've ever played.
dirthurts  +   873d ago
NO, Colony Wars on the Original Playstation.
Oh man. Was I ever so infuriated. Towing dead space ships around in the endless, directionless void...fun...
Evildoomnerd  +   873d ago
I'm slightly surprised...
That Sticky from Fallout 3 didn't make the list. I can't be the only guy that shot him with a Fatman at point blank range half-way to Big Town, am I?
Karpetburnz  +   873d ago
ICO, that game can get frustrating at times when you have to escort that girl around, and then she gets taken by he black spirits.
WeAreLegion  +   873d ago
...where is Dead Rising?

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