10 Comic Book Characters Long Overdue for Their Own Video Games

Complex - With DC and Marvel both competing to see who can crank out super hero film franchises faster, the genre is becoming a summer blockbuster puppy mill. Accompanying most of these releases is the inevitable 'based on the film' video game.

We can't think of a faster way to get a video game shunted into the bargain bin than by making it an officially licenced tie-in. Just ask about those Green Lantern, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America games that no one remembers.

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Myst2044d ago

would be nice to see a stealthy game for Mystique, also I think we are long overdue for some type of X-men or even marvel type of game.

pr0t0typeknuckles2044d ago

storm and wonderwoman yes,yes yes but will it ever happen no,why because every X-men takes a back seat due to overrated wolverine who was never all that cool to me,and its a shame since marvel is more inclined to let their heroes be known now wonder womans situation is different,she takes a back seat due to the awesome freakin batman,although i love batman,any batfan knows that he even overshadows dc posterboy superman 95% of the time.

Rhaigun2044d ago

Some of these aren't bad, but Kitty Pryde? Seriously?!

timmyp532044d ago

Darkness should get a reboot next gen =(

SavageKuma2044d ago

I would not mind a game for Grifter of the Wild Cats.

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The story is too old to be commented.