Nintendo Wins Appeal To Keep Selling Wii In US

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington has told Nintendo that it can continue selling the original Wii in the United States. Motiva had claimed that the Wii had infringed two of its patents for a system to track a user’s position and body movement. Three judges stated that Motiva’s main motive was to win damages or a settlement, not to license or make products incorporating the company’s patents. A lawyer for Motiva said the ruling was unfortunate, but they will take the claim to a district court.

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just-joe1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

How dare you put positive Nintendo news here! XD

lilbroRx1711d ago

What is sad is all of the disagrees you got for pointing it out.

PigPen1712d ago

Countdown to 100 million Wii's, a first for Nintendo without talking handheld.

Agent_hitman1712d ago

I didn't know that somebody filed a case against Ninty to cease the sales of Wii in the US.

KwietStorm1712d ago

I didn't know the Wii was still selling.

lilbroRx1711d ago

Its selling more than the Vita and PSP combined.