The Wii U’s Comeback Begins

The Wii U has been the target of criticism as of late by numerous companies, typically due to its slower start it has had, largely in part to it’s lack of major titles. The Wii U is staging a comeback of sorts, however, as several major releases are arriving soon.

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hellvaguy1893d ago

Im kind of bummed about how far behind the wiiu will be with the incoming slew of ps4/720 game visuals, but on the other hand, I do enjoy playing mario games with my wife & kids.

Bittersweet for me.

Wolfbiker1893d ago

The HD boost is going to be enough for the Nintendo franchises.

XiaoSet1893d ago

The 39 Steps
"Something truly special" - Cubed3

Rather stare at that ad than to read the comments.

arbitor3651893d ago

virtual console games are going to save the wii u?

im not sure what planet you're living on

PSNintyGamer1893d ago

Of course, everyone here will downplay it like they have been doing the 3ds

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The story is too old to be commented.