Will GTA V Make Me Forget About Next-Gen?

You asked us the hard questions about Grand Theft Auto 5, now watch us squirm under the pressure.

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Wenis1862d ago

I dont know if it will make me forget about next gen personally, but I am definitely more excited for GTA5 than I am new consoles. Ill probably wait a year or so before bothering to buy a new console to be honest..

Crazyglues1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Actually I definitely don't think it will make us forget about nex gen.. -but it does make it the last must buy before I say good bye to these old consoles..

This is just that one game that everyone is getting.. It's most likely going to be the most iconic game of the generation.

R* you had me at bigger then Red Dead, GTA IV and GTA San Andres combined.. Damn..!!! that's huge

||.........___||............ ||

brodychet1862d ago

off-topic kinda, is the person on the left a man? I think he was born a man. Not being mean, just curious.
Anyways yay GTA 5.

hakesterman1862d ago

Very Smart Idea. By then there will be some good games that actually benifit from the Hardware and by then you will know which Console is better.

Prcko1862d ago

not if i play watch dogs on PS4 :DDD

hazardman1862d ago

Hell No....I'm sorry but as much as I like GTA. If its not on next gen I'm not playing it. Once I'm on new console I'm playing next gen titles only. Hopefully gta5 is BC if it doesn't get a next gen release.

Salooh1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Same logic here lol. But it will come in september and the new consoles in november so i will play it. Same with beyond in october but i will complete it in the first day i buy it xD . They are great games. I can't miss this kind of games. But when the ps4 release ps3 will be divorced three times hehehehehehehehe

famoussasjohn1862d ago

Not a chance, although I don't see myself rushing out to get the next gen console immediately. I want to see how things go first before splurging half a grand on a new system and a few games.

Gamesgbkiller1862d ago


Just because GTA series is banned in my country :(

kma2k1862d ago

ouch what country? If it was illegal here in the us hell i would just pirate it

Gamesgbkiller1862d ago

Saudi Arabia.. ME countries in general.
But they will sell it with a BIG PRICE :(

Salooh1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I don't think it's banned in Bahrain. Come for a visit and buy it. You may see action like gta for free ^^

But seriously. pray for those who suffer in there. Really bad situation in here but people don't care about it. People start a revolution to get something but instead they suffer more and instead of wanting for our rights things got more complicated and people started demanding for stopping the killing/hungering/torturing... etc Rulers are idiots , it would cost them less then what they did to the people if they fixed the country. Don't know to laugh or cry >.< ..

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The story is too old to be commented.