GTA V PC: Rockstar's Big Mistake

Unfortunately, Rockstar continues to shun the PC gaming community with no release date yet on the hugely anticipated game. There is no doubt that GTA V has a big PC following, as the visually upgraded GTA IV with the ICEnhancer mod shows that the PC community is willing to put in the time and effort to extend the value of GTA. Rockstar is making a big mistake in delaying the release of a GTA V PC version (if at all).

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KillrateOmega1839d ago

It really is a shame. The modding community always does great work with GTA games.

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jony_dols1839d ago

I'm pretty sure R* will announce the PC version alongside the optimised PS4/Next-Box versions of GTA 5; with intent to release for Xmas or early 2014.

Then again, I could be totally wrong!

ShadesMoolah1839d ago

This is what I was thinking. The big sales come from the console version, so a PC delay is expected, and furthermore, with no next-gen version of the game announced - while we do expect it, it seems likely the quality and experience of GTA V across next-gen platforms will look to be as close as possible to the PC version.

I would go as far to say that I expect Next-Gen GTA V to be a launch title for the new consoles, and it just seems logical to have the PC version release around the same time.

Most console launches consist of the early adoptors, the fanboys as it were - that's pretty much most of us here then. The big question is how many of us are willing to double-dip on GTA V; current gen version releases in September, I expect a chunk of us will be picking it up day 1, then new consoles we're assuming to be November, with a shinier, more polished, higher-res, better performing next-gen version.

aquamala1839d ago

I can wait. the trailer footage sure doesn't look like current gen consoles footage.

cyguration1839d ago

If the delay is to make the release better on PC, then that's fine. Better to be delayed and optimized than to release and be a framerate-rocky mess like GTA IV was on PC.

Until then, modders can keep releasing awesome mods each week that manage to get everyone on N4G excited.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1839d ago

The better open world games like Saints Row 4 & Watch Dogs WILL be on PC day 1.

GTA became irrelevant with GTA4. I used to be hyped for those games but it's more of a wait & see with them now (and I don't mean in terms of reviews because they'll blindly give the game high scores anyway thanks to all the swag bags R* will throw at them just like last time).

Psychotica1837d ago

Better open world games? Watch Dogs maybe but Saints Row 4? Not a chance..

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FlyingFoxy1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I don't care about mods, i just want a proper huge multiplayer like in SA-MP mod. if they can have 64+ player online with dedicated servers, total freedom with editable game modes or scriptable like SA-MP it will be awesome. Get rid of GFWL and make it Steamworks.

IV's multiplayer is boring and nowhere near as good as SA-MP in the amount of players on one server and the stuff you can do.

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