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Why Nintendo Will Win E3 2013

MVGN writes: "“The games are coming, we promise…” How many times have we heard that from Nintendo? While I have been enjoying my Wii U since its release, there has been a lack of truly engaging games since the systems launch and only a smattering of great titles have released for the system this year. The Wii U eShop has shown it can be a force to be reckoned with but consumers did not plop down $300+ to just toil around with this awesome channel. People want compelling games for their Wii U and are starting to get fed up with Nintendo for not delivering.

This year’s E3 is going to have to be a big one for Nintendo and here is why Nintendo will win E3 2013." (3DS, E3, Wii U)

jcnba28  +   585d ago
It will be hard for Nintendo to win this year's E3 since their next gen system is already out but if they focus 100% on just the games and surprise us with a bunch of exclusives they could come away with a win.
dedicatedtogamers  +   585d ago
I have a hunch that Microsoft will "win" E3 just like they have "won" E3 for the past 3 years in the media's eyes.

But of course Nintendo and Sony will be the ones who actually bring the games. I'm excited to see what Nintendo shows off for the 3DS.
Blastoise  +   585d ago
3DS is solid at the moment, we know Monster Hunter and Pokemon X & Y are coming. Nintendo need to focus on the Wii U.

Same with the PS4, we know it has a ton of cool games coming, give us some things to look forward to on the Vita
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   584d ago
ive watched the last E3 press conferences of the big three and I don't think MS had a stellar conference. In the media's eyes maybe, considering how lame games journalism nowadays. The last good one was when FFXIII was announced for the xbox and everyone was so surprised.
Muffins1223  +   585d ago
they wont even be having a press conference
kirbyu  +   585d ago
To win E3, they have to do something. At least for me.
thesoftware730  +   585d ago
They have to do 3 things, 2 of the 3 being more important right away.

1. Show as many first Party games as possible, even if some are due early next year. This will build hype and give people something to talk about and look forward to.

2. Have at least 2 to 3 big exclusive surprise 3rd party games that no one knows about. With at least 1 being a graphical show piece.

3. Cut the price of Both Wii U SKUs by $50 before Ps4 lauches.(this is the least important one imo)
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MadMen  +   585d ago
LOL all these "why" articles should be banned so we can read real journalism.

Whats even more insane is assuming wiiU or nintendo can do anything right anymore

However I would love for Nintendo to cater to the older crowd just a little more, I think a new Wave Race would be nice and def a mario kart.
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ComBaTs0uL  +   585d ago
Lol Nintendo aren't even going to this year's e3.
JuleyJules  +   585d ago
You really should get facts right. Nintendo is at E3 this year but they're having a few small showcases rather than a big press conference. They are also going to have lots of new playable games that are coming out this fall like Mario 3D and Mario Kart.
jameson12345  +   585d ago
they are going to be there, just not with the giant 1 presentation. its more like many smaller presentations for different audiences and with different news, announcements, and footage.
corrus  +   585d ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are really big morons to write such article how Nintendo can win against Sony who gonna show PS4 plus ton of games and Microsoft who gonna show next X Box tell me
thesoftware730  +   585d ago
How do you know sony will have a ton of game? A crystal ball perhaps?
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Dark_king  +   585d ago
Well they always bring the games to E3.An with a new console coming out they will be sure to showcase as many games as they can.
InTheLab  +   585d ago
You don't need a crystal ball. They already have 2 major exclusives hitting later this year and that's not counting PS4 titles or Vita.
MasterCornholio  +   585d ago
In order to win E3 (in my opinion) they need a conference. Which is something that both Microsoft and Sony have that Nintendont.

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josephayal  +   585d ago
Maybe E3 2014?? bcoz nintendo will not be doing a presentation at E3 2013
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JuleyJules  +   585d ago
They're still at E3 but are changing it up this time.
CrisisOne  +   585d ago
"win" E3? okay..
thesoftware730  +   585d ago
You can tell the people that really just want Nintendo to fail out of fanboyism.

Anyone that says Nintendo won't be at E3 fits that bill. Do us all a favor and post a link that says nintendo won't be at E3. Can some people really not read and comprehend news articles and reports?
deafdani  +   585d ago
Yup, some people are perfectly capable of not reading and not understanding articles. In fact, I would say a lot of people are capable of that.

We live in quite a capable world.

weekev15  +   585d ago
IMHO the people who will win e3 are us the gamers. Nintendo is doing something different this year, fair play. Rumour has it we will be looking at 3-5 Nintendo directs in the lead up to and week of e3. Sony and Microsoft will be showing off a bunch of games since both consoles will have been revealed by then.

This spells games games and more games. I have a hunch E3 2013 will be legendary.

4 weeks to go. All aboard the hype train.
McScroggz  +   585d ago
How could Nintendo possibly "win" E3? They aren't having a big press conference and supposedly the games they are showing will be behind closed doors. Sony and Microsoft will be showing off their new consoles and, at least for Sony, likely showing several games. Maybe Nintendo has some huge surprising announcements - though if they did wouldn't they have a press conference? - but Nintendo isn't going to "win" E3 because they showed games we already know about.

We as gamers are the ones who will win E3, but c'mon. If you want to write about video game try to be objective and/or reasonable.
weekev15  +   585d ago
Some of Nintendo's E3 will be behind closed doors, some of it will be public. Nintendo appears to be trying a strategy of giving the gaming community what it wants. Media are getting more hands on time.

Devs will likely be given some kind of tech demo/advice on how to get the most out of the Wii U.

We will get shown games through Nintendo Directs.

What remains to be seen, is if Nintendo has got the strategy right. They are coming with a more intricate and intimate plan, when everyone expects E3 to be an explosion of big names, mega publicity and Megaton after Megaton of gaming announcements.

Do they have potential to upstage their rivals at E3? yes. Will they upstage their rivals? Probably not. Will I give a crap who 'wins' e3. No I just want to see some awesome games
McScroggz  +   585d ago
I suppose technically they have the potential to upstage Microsoft and Sony, but considering their strategy it's hard to reconcile everything that would have to happen. Part of "winning" E3, to me at least, involves announcements that garner hype for the company. Nintendo might have an ace game or two up its sleeve, but if they do it would likely be revealed in a Nintendo Direct - and even if they have a couple big game announcements is that really enough to trump the flashy shows and announcements of the PS4 and NextBox? Unlikely.

I get what you are saying, I just find it frustrating to see so many wishful thinking type articles approved. And to me, because of what it would take for Nintendo to steal the show at E3 I consider this article in line with Why this console will win next gen articles. I could read a well-reasoned article on why an entertainment focused Xbox or the Wii U could "win" next gen...but this? Not really :/
TheSkullkid  +   585d ago
Nintendo has already won E3. No doubt about that.

New 3D Mario
New Smash Bros
New Mario Kart
Windwaker HD
Project X Zone
New Zelda for 3DS
Retro's Project


DOUBLE Nothing

Victory is inevitable for the Big N and there's NOTHING anyone can do about it.
Bumpmapping  +   585d ago
By showing games we already know about and don't care about? LOL! Another flawless victory for Sony.
deafdani  +   585d ago
Many of these games that you say people don't care about, are part of game franchises that vastly outsells any of Sony's fanchises.

Tone down the fanboyism, will ya?
NYC_Gamer  +   585d ago
I'll be more focused on PS4/720 to be honest
Hicken  +   585d ago
Who "wins" E3 has always been decided by who has the better press conference.

Nintendo isn't having one. They can't win a competition they don't even enter.

Now, this is not to say that they can't have a stellar(though behind closed doors) showing at the expo. But they can't win if they're not competing.

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