Wii U not a rival to PS4 and Xbox 720

Nintendo’s latest video game console officially launched last year amid much fanfare, but will it set the corner to the next-generation era?

The price set at $300 for a basic set with a tablet-style controller, the Wii U is the prominent console from any of the big three manufacturers since the release of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the original Wii back in 2006

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DA_SHREDDER1774d ago

You're right, it's in direct competition with itself. It will be by their own hand that determines what happens to them this generation.

hennessey861774d ago

They don't appeal to me and it doesn't look like that will change any time soon I'm afraid.

Majin-vegeta1774d ago

Not getting a WII U.Till Monoliths new RPG game releases. Currently there are no games that"INTEREST ME"on it.

kirbyu1774d ago

Why are there so many Nintendo haters on the internet? I really don't understand it.

Dark_Overlord1774d ago

Have you considered that maybe the vast majority dislike the direction Nintendo is currently taking? Doesn't automatically make them a hater :)

MysticStrummer1774d ago

"Why are there so many Nintendo haters on the internet? I really don't understand it."

...and they don't understand you either.

For the record though, disagreeing with you doesn't make them a hater or troll.

danitanzo1774d ago

What's not to understand? They like having fun..

MysticStrummer1774d ago

"What's not to understand? They like having fun"

Who do you mean, the Nintendo lovers or critics? "Fun" means different things to different people. Call of Duty is fun to many people, and many don't like it at all. Who's right? They're all right.

jameson123451774d ago

Eh, I guess that makes it more worth wild to buy them all then. Less overlap.

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