Video: RSD5 Solid State Fan In Action

"Yesterday, we posted about the RSD5 Solid State Fan from Thorrn Micro Technologies. Today, we have a video of the fan in action along with additional insight from one of the creators. The more I learn (and watch) about the RSD5, the more impressed I become. Thorrn Micro says the research is complete and expect the RSD5 to be ready for market by 2009."

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LinuxGuru3922d ago

Amazing indeed.

These should definitely go into future electronics.

Especially those TVs that are supposed to have Cell processors in them...just slap a few of these babies in there, and you're set! Simple cooling even a third-rate TV manufacturer can understand and use!

I can only imagine what possibilities this will open up with future mobile products....

Next thing you know, we'll be seeing hand-held devices that can render 720p games, and mobile pocket PCs with multi-core 45nm processors....