Wii U vs. PS4, Xbox 720: Top 3 Ways Nintendo Can Save Its Console

The Nintendo Wii U is struggling. Since January rolled around, the company has only sold around 400,000 systems, a number that's caused numerous analysts to cast doubt on its future prospects. With Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox 720 flying over it like vultures, what's the Wii U to do?

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MysticStrummer1089d ago

Good to great games that either can't be played anywhere else, or make such innovative use of the touch pad that the WiiU version is considered the definitive one despite the graphics not being as "next gen" as PS4/720. The second option will be tougher to achieve, so quality WiiU exclusives need to start showing up fast.

RAFFwaff1089d ago

"top 3 ways that n4g can stop approving these bullshit articles..."

Trago13371089d ago

Quality games, why else would you buy any console?

josephayal1089d ago

I would not be surprised if the PS4 and Xbox720 face similar sluggish sales in the first year

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