The Ultimate Merger For Xbox 720 and PS4

Some time between now and E3 2013, Microsoft and Sony will finalize a joint venture called OCF whereby the new “Playstation Xbox” or “PSX” for short becomes a reality.

$479 Launch Price or $199 with a 4-year contract for Live at just $69.99/year.

The thing comes with a standard Xbox 360 or PS3 controller hybrid and built-in Kinect 2.0.

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Majin-vegeta1834d ago

Mehh i rather have a PS4/PC hybrid.

Max-Zorin1834d ago

Even if these companies made a super system, the fanboys would still find something to argue about.

MysticStrummer1834d ago

If this idea wasn't just more worthless internet filler, I'd be searching for another gaming platform.

Crying0wolf1834d ago

Haha, i think theres alot happening at the gaming industies.
But now, Ps4 is up to date, and no-one can't say they don't want to even try it. And many still wait for the Xbox confesting, and we all know they have been working on something too, but I think they will go in different direction of gaming experience now.

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