Metro Last Light Benchmark

Metro Last Light benchmarked using 15 GPU's at 1080p resolution with and without AA. Adv. Physics is off

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MegaMohsi1712d ago

40 fps on a GTX 660 with very high settings? Not the worst performing game. it looks like AA kills the FPS and assuming the advanced physics does as well

starchild1712d ago

Yeah, not bad. I wish I had an nvidia card right about now.

jcornish1702d ago

I have 2 x GTX 670's running in SLI over 3 1080p monitors, i get around 50-60 fps, on the highest settings, such a beautiful game :)

DrRichtofen1712d ago

I'm sure my evga 670ftw will handle this fairly well. My card is ready.

Plagasx1712d ago

My goal is have a solid 60fps throughout the game with my 680..

LAWSON721711d ago

I think this going to run terrible on amd cards because I guess if you get paid high enough by nvidia you dont need two give 2 s**** about AMD users.

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