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Users Report Problems with Vista SP1

Vista SP1 has been available for all of one day, and users are already reporting issues and bugs. PC Pro readers began reporting a wide array of problems, with issues ranging from slower performance to rendering a machine inoperable. "[It] started installing at 7.15am ... SP1 failed to install. Machine started to reset back to previous state. Computer still not usable three hours later". (PC, Tech)
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Shaka2K6  +   2719d ago
Computer still not usable three hours later".
Well good thing they didnt use the xbug 180, that POS becomes useless for weeks.

and now into 2008 theres zero reason to own one, no games for 2008.
Montrealien  +   2719d ago
here is a cookie *hands over cookie*.

want some Kool-aid with that?
v1c1ous  +   2719d ago
i dunno...still to early to tell
microsoft has sorta ruined their rep lately.

this could very well be an isolated or minimal case, but everyone is so on the lookout for ANY chance to downplay the fact Vista might become useful, that any little thing will get magnified to high hell.

this is the same if microsoft announced a 360 slim in E3. the RROD issue would have been almost been ironed out, with failure rates maybe 3-4% or lower.

but the first RROD someone gets is gonna get reamed across the interbutts and everyone will mock it like it was a white-hot needle in MS's eye.

i'm gonna give it 3-4 more days to install then see what the deal is before making judgement
Charlie2688  +   2719d ago
exactly why I haven't updated my Vista to SP1 after the first testers said that it might not be all fun and games with SP1
Qwagy UK  +   2719d ago
Stability has always been an issue with all service packs!
No problems here... running like a dream!
Yi-Long  +   2719d ago
Well... that was to be expected...
... I'll wait untill I'm back from vacation (early July) before I'll install SP1.
My Vista is running fine as it is right now, but thinking of doing a clean install in the summer.
Sev  +   2719d ago
I cant even install it.
When I update I get error 800B0100.

Now my comp is doing all kinds of weird stuff.

It started to update, got to 7%, then failed.
Now I am getting that error code.

Man I should have stayed with XP. I HATE Vista
Sev  +   2719d ago
Why are you disagreeing that I got an error code?
Ridrick  +   2719d ago
Did anyone expected it will be different?
Microsoft is well known from making sh!te.
FirstknighT  +   2719d ago
People complain to much
I'm sure some of these reports don't even own windows.

Everything is perfect over here! :)
Rice  +   2719d ago
same here...
crck  +   2718d ago
Yes when a company releases something to the public
People usually complain when the sh!t don't work. cheeky ain't they?
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Bnet343  +   2719d ago
I'll never understand, I just never will. I must be the only human in existence to run on Vista with no problems. What the hell do you people do to your computers?
Gaara_724  +   2719d ago
just what most 16 year old single teenager does
Bnet343  +   2719d ago
Get a girlfriend, it's not hard. Then maybe you'll stop blaming Vista on your porn viruses.
Bladestar  +   2719d ago
You are not the only one... my company just applied the service packed to 75 computers.... and no problems...

I did it to my computer at home.. and no problems...

Anyways, I was expecting these reports... specially in this site.

You should try to install Windows Vista on your PSP.... if your hardware sucks... your OS will suck... that's why Apple do not allow you to install their hardware on any hardware... you have to buy their hardware... they pick hardware designed to work with their OS... this is why you just can't upgrade your Apple OS at will...
Gaara_724  +   2719d ago
had this 3 times after it instals it just wont load up had to system restore 3 time i thoght it was just me but lil bros lap top f'ed up as well hope they fix it soon
arcadegoal  +   2719d ago
New laptop hp pavilion
Sp1 wont evan install some eror code but i can tell you im not pleased as its fu@ked up my vista desktop and i always look after my computer by the way norton antivirus tune up utilites 2008 no problemb before service pack 1 i evan like vista to a point but im pissed with the lack of compatibility testing before release . i recoverd my pc but wont be downloading it again but not having sp1 will cause problembs with future softwear and updates dam you microshite
OblivionStalker  +   2719d ago
So it is MS's fault that Norton does not work?

And by the way... Norton? lol.. Get Eset Smart Security.
Gaara_724  +   2719d ago
porn viroses i wasnt on about porn i was on about online games god what r dvd's 4?
travis bundercup  +   2719d ago
i heard usher was also having problems with this so bad for him
mighty_douche  +   2719d ago
All good here. Install took some time in total, maybe 25-30 minutes. I can say it's not slower, but quicker? meh.
jaja1434  +   2719d ago
Worked fine for me. *shrug*
On a side note, not any slower or quicker than before so umm to copy the guy above me "meh".
xplosneer  +   2719d ago
Everything fine here. My hibernation issue seemed to result itself after a reboot.
carl ps3  +   2718d ago
Users Report Problems with Vista SP1...
Goodfella78  +   2718d ago
are we suprised?.all together
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Zhuk  +   2718d ago
I personally had no problem with upgrading my Vista Ultimate Edition to Service Pack 1, everything seems to run great and I would recommend SP1 to anyone.
likeaboss302  +   2718d ago
Installed in on two machines
On my customer built box with Vista 64 and my girlfriends Vista 32 bit box and no issues. Sure people are going to have problems. Not even OSX updates are perfect. It's whatever people want to hype and right now piling up on Vista is the thing to do.
pshizle  +   2718d ago
wow what is up with some people
sp1 is running fine on my machine...
SECRETzSQUIRREL  +   2718d ago
Vista and SP1 work great for me.
Im running Vista Prem on a Pentium 4 3.4Ghz CPU $75(discontinued), 2GB of DDR1 400mhz Memory $99.99 (discontinued), Nvida AGP 7600gs 512MB Video Card $150 (discontinued), 500GB Sata Harddrive $119 , Sound Blaster Audigy SE sound card $19.99 (discontinued). All installed on a cheap Asrock 775i65g NON-Vista Compatable Motherboard $39.99 (Discontinued) Screen Res 1680x1050 DVI

I Just got done installing Vista SP1 (downloaded standalone because Windows update would not show/allow me to update due to Incompatable hardware and i didnt want to wait a month for it to show up in auto update) It took roughly 40 Minutes from start to finish, all went smooth, everything still works fine and YES my system is faster and smoother now. As with any update on 1st reboot give it 10 minutes to finish installing and optimize before saying it slowed your system down.
All im trying to say is that if i can get Vista to run Perfectly and run todays games on this mostly Outdated PC that i Built Myself without any real issues then you should be able to do the same.
DEll and compaq are junk regardless how much you pay your being ripped off and will have problems.
Torkith  +   2718d ago
Had to system restore my computer, it installed fine and all that but when I loaded my computer back up, it said I had no audio installed at all, and my computer resolution would only go to 1024 x 768 (I run at 1680 x 1050) All devices were still installed said my hardware manager but Vista wasn't reading anything, 2x8800GT's unconfigurable, nVidea was nowhere to be found. It was a real mess, I'll hold off on updating for a while.

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