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New Killzone Trailer Details the Mercenaries

Hardcore Gamer: A new trailer was just released for upcoming PS Vita game, Killzone: Mercenary, that showcases plenty of action and teases the game's multiple loadouts and weaponry. (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita)

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Sanquine90  +   780d ago
Oohw Yes, i have seen this awesome video ( i tried to post it) i hope that this get's approved:D
Sanquine90  +   780d ago
Yes, awesome video hardcore gamer! The shooter the psvita deservers ( Nihilitic you deserved this fate becoming an ios developer)
abzdine  +   780d ago
i dont see how i cannot be hyped for this game!

Killzone ftw thank you GG
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StraightPath  +   780d ago
adds to rental list :)
illtornworld  +   780d ago
it looks great!
ABizzel1  +   780d ago
It does, but I hope it runs great as well. Can't tell thanks to the slowed down video.
Baylex  +   780d ago
I'm sure it's just the video... and of course it is because of the video ;)
hkgamer  +   780d ago
It does look great.

I wish this game had a proper single player campaign mode like the other killzone games...
illtornworld  +   780d ago
It does have a proper campaign mode doesn't it?
Sanquine90  +   780d ago
it has a singleplayer..
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   780d ago
I guess this might be as close to being the Helghast we will get.....
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Neoprime  +   780d ago
Play Killzone 1/HD with Hahka or mp for that.
Gamesgbkiller  +   780d ago

Looks awesome.

I wonder if there was lag ?
Studio-YaMi  +   780d ago
I'm actually wondering about that too,sure you can't ask too much of a handheld with such good visuals in a game,but I really hope that we get a steady frame rate at least ! :(

Still buying this game day 1 !
Gamesgbkiller  +   780d ago
Day 1 for sure.

I'll be surprised if there wasn't :)
thechosenone  +   780d ago
knife to the crotch was brutal. lol
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Sandmano  +   780d ago
Why September!!!!
abzdine  +   780d ago
this is actually the only very big problem. Killzone in september, Tearaway a month later with Beyond and all PS3 games and PS4 release.

I dont understand what sony are thinking but very few can afford all of this at once and most players have to make choices.

@LOGICWINS: you dont need to be agressive my friend, take it easy... if sony expect to sell Vitas they better release all great exclusives outside the crowded season, but that's my opinion.
We got Ninokuni, God of War and Sly almost at the same time and in september the same happens, i think it's bad planning
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LOGICWINS  +   780d ago
"I dont understand what sony are thinking but very few can afford all of this at once and most players have to make choices."

Whose putting the gun to your head telling you that you have to buy all these games at once?
Salooh  +   780d ago
You have all the summer holiday to hide money. Just take advantage of the months that doesn't have games that interest you and you will get half the money of the ps4 or even more..

You can buy and sell to get all the games you want with low price lost and if you collect games buy them used when they are cheap later..

June will be last month for me to buy games until september(killzone and gta5) then last ps3 game for me which is (beyond) so that's a lot of money...
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BattleAxe  +   779d ago
@ abzdine

There are people like me who plan on buying a PS4 this holiday season, and if Sony were to release a PS4/PS Vita bundle, I would be all over that like white on rice.
greedybear88  +   779d ago
GTA 5 releases in September too, GTA 5 will inevitably be the highest selling game this year. The trailer for this game looks great though, more games like this for Vita please. Love my Vita :)
GdaTyler  +   780d ago
To polish it as good as possible for release. You saw what happened last time when a rushed game was released for the Vita?
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dyjefeliqed03   780d ago | Spam
gijsbrecht  +   780d ago
The gun play is looking solid. I hope we'll also getting some snow environments in Mercenary. Those looked beautiful in KZ3.
Salooh  +   780d ago
This is exactly what i want from the vita :). 4 months left >.< ...

Metro last night for this month then one of the best months for this year will arrive :

Remember Me
The Last of Us
Jak and Daxter Collection for vita
E3 announcements and reveals

KillrateOmega  +   780d ago

Well if you were looking for brutality...
illtornworld  +   780d ago
They promised us itd play really well! Plus its gurella cambridge, thats all you need to know haha, The slow gameplay was in it to show the game in full detail. God September seems forever away
GABRIEL1030  +   780d ago
First day for me!
jensen86  +   780d ago
looks good n i do hope to buy it. itll be only my second ps vita game n iv had the vita since launch day but y the same day as gtav surly any one could see thats gunna hurt sales cos i cant afford both same day rite now
nugnugs  +   779d ago
Only 1 Vita game since launch!? Why'd you buy it? Ive had at least 20.
jensen86  +   779d ago
because i fort there would of been a gta or a gran turismo out soonish. or somefing decent that id like. n i love my vita i watch films n listen to music on it but i just havent liked any of the games really. n i played em on my mates one n there jus wasn't nothing great enough to want to go out and spend money on. jus my opinion
arbitor365  +   780d ago
im getting this day 1. i just hope the framerate/slowdown isnt too bad in the final version.
turgore  +   780d ago
Shitty framerate.
GdaTyler  +   780d ago
It's a recorded video you dumbass.
Toon_Link  +   780d ago
I'm real excited for this game, I really hope it feels more like kz2 and less like kz3.
tubers  +   780d ago
I've watched every KZM trailer out there.

Hope they up the sound quality.


Your gun sounds find the enemies' and some explosions.. 0.o

(reminds me of the low bitrate with AC3L)

The framerate seems to jump around a bit but devs did say "solid 30 fps". We'll see.

Someone told me they likely have a month left for polishing as the last 3 months are for some QA and ESRB processes.

Still getting the game though.. when I find a 10 USD promo again.. I missed newegg's pre-order discount.
r21  +   779d ago
Woah, the drivable mechs are back? Maybe they're bosses in the game D:
DivineAssault  +   779d ago
This game is looking fantastic for vita.. It couldve had a great shooter a long damn time ago but they let nihilistic make them for some STUPID reason.. I personally dont like shooters but this game looks fun & beautiful for a handheld.. I hope it runs at a locked 30fps without problems
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bunfighterii  +   779d ago
What I haven't been able to tell so far that I'm actually really interested in is whether the death animations are canned or if there's some kind of ragdoll or other physics at play.

IMO one of the best things about KZ2 and 3 is the physics, and how enemies etc react to the different guns, grenades etc.

I hope there's a great physics engine driving this game.
Chapster  +   779d ago
It uses the same engine as KZ3
ai_nui  +   779d ago
i cant wait for september (^_^)
mayberry  +   779d ago
Looks amazing. GG are great devs

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