PlayStation Store Preview – May 14th, 2013: Light Up Some DUST

This week’s update is packed with releases on all platforms and in every category. It’s got worthwhile DLC, demos, a free-to-play MMO, and Metro: Last Light. Even the PS Vita joins in the fun with a few notable releases. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1529d ago

Nice to see a Metro discount right off the bat.

fattyuk1529d ago

PS+ is ball tingling amazing!!

My console is packed solid ATM with games .... gotta love my 1TB hdd!!

£40 a year very very well spent!

FITgamer1529d ago Show
yeahokchief1528d ago

I cannot keep up with all these free games.

Crazyglues1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

@ TrendyGamers

Actually that just means it's not selling well...

I bet you this one will have a huge price drop a week after launch... like what happened with homefront..

-Just Watch-

A week after launch you can pick it up for 43 to 49.99 bucks

||.........___||............ ||

TalonJH1529d ago

Of course its not selling, it releases tomorrow. All they have to judge from are pre-orders.

yeahokchief1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

EVERY PS3 game is pricedropping.

The PS4 is around the corner they don't want a ton of PS3 inventory.

I got injustice gods among us for $35 not even 2 weeks after launch. Every other of my release day games I got for $34 via best buy gamer club/deal stacking.

Video games have never been cheaper.

Relientk771529d ago

I heard about the discount and was very shocked, that is just awesome

IAmLee1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I always end up on the american store updates, and then feel sad after seeing what you guys have :( (from the EU)

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Wedge191529d ago

A decent store update this week. I'm not complaining!

doctorstrange1529d ago

Someone on the internet not complaining?

What is happening?!!!?!?!!

fattyuk1529d ago

I've literally just woken up from passing out after reading someone of the internet not moaning!!

@wedge19 you are a legend


Relientk771529d ago

I think with your comment, you just broke the Internet

Apollosupreme1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Sony is really smart with the high Indy focus. No doubt they understand the business and that they need the AAA titles on Vita but while they're working on getting more of those these high quality Indy games help fill the void and create an perception that they're not forgetting about the Vita.

Perception is everything and we don't get to see what they're doing behind the scene. Our perception is only based on what comes to fruition and not on what they're doing behind the scene.

fattyuk1529d ago

some confusing words in that post lol :0)

but spot on!

Omegabalmung1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Metro: Last Light for $47.99, I might have to bite on that one.

Edit: Is this the official release for Dust 514?

dbjj120881529d ago

Looking forward to RE: Revelations.

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