What Reviewers Aren't Talking About in Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light hits shelves this week.

Before you play the game, go ahead and browse a few reviews of Metro: Last Light. Just pick two or three arbitrarily and give them a look.

Now, odds are that you just read about Metro's dark undertones. It's unashamed take on violence and maturity in gaming. The technical prowess that 4A Games has demonstrated in Metro: Last Light. Without question, you read about the fantastic environment of the underground.

All of these things are true, but there's one thing that reviewers are shying away from discussing.

Metro: Last Light features a graphic and shocking attempted rape scene.

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josephayal1807d ago

Hopes? What I saw in the latest gameplay vids still worries me a lot

dedicatedtogamers1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

"Metro: Last Light features a graphic and shocking attempted rape scene"

Overblown Kotaku click-nabbing article incoming in 3...2...1...

Edit @ below

Yeah, I'm saying Kotaku will probably take this and blow it out of proportion.

Naate1807d ago

Did you read the piece? I deliberately did not deliver any opinion on the subject whatsoever. It is my opinion, however, that players who may not be comfortable with the sequence should be clearly warned that it's there and for whatever reason, other outlets refuse to mention it.

Or were you saying that Kotaku will sniff out this rape scene and have a field day with it? Because that's totally true.

Campy da Camper1807d ago

But demons eating corpses and blood and guts strewn about isn't unsettling? I can see the need for a heads up if this was Pokemon.

JaredH1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

In North America it's rated M for "blood and gore", "intense violence", "language" and "sexual themes". If people think any of those will offend them they shouldn't play the game.

In my opinion, if video games will ever be treated on the same level of film, people SHOULD NOT be spoiled on detail heavy story aspects in reviews for games. For example, I would be mad if I heard about the details, or direct theme, of a certain shocking scene in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (either version). I would be just as mad about having shocking parts of the Walking Dead Telltale game or the upcoming Last of Us, I'm assuming there will be some horrific themes, spoiled in reviews.

If people allude to a game having a shocking and horrific scene without going into details, aka not saying the direct subject matter, I'm fine with it.

Salooh1807d ago

i will have to buy it alone now then sell it. Don't want my little brother play something like this..

zeal0us1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

If your little brother isn't 17(or w/e the age requirement for mature games are in other countries) then he shouldn't be playing a game like this to begin with.
I get the feeling someone will blow this one scene out proportion before the week is over with.

Salooh1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

He's almost 17 but still , i don't like to give my little brother games that have nudity. He play call of duty and stuff like that. So i can't change that lol. but i'm not showing him this game, i can give it to my bigger brothers but it feels wrong to me as a bigger brother to think about giving the smaller one. I guess my big brothers do the same to me lol ..

Linsolv1807d ago

@14Feb-R So you're more nervous about your brother learning about killing than about the human body, a subject he will indubitably learn about in the years to come if he's not already well aware of it?


FamilyGuy1805d ago

Pointless, quit spoiling the game!

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MattyG1807d ago

You're going to milk this one til its dry, huh? We get it, Kotaku sucks, and you wrote a (very good, by the way, congrats) blog on it. Until they post something about this, let it go. Mentioning them constantly won't change anything, so move on.

Bimkoblerutso1807d ago

Glad I'm not the only one just as sick of the backlash as the articles themselves.

Ironically, giving them this much attention is exactly what they intended in the first place.

PockyKing1807d ago

It's a dark and gritty world with corrupted humans everywhere? The main theme of the story is human suffering and redemption, so not sure why one rape scene needs to be pointed out among the other atrocities that occur in the game.

Basically just pulling the same thing other reviewers did with Tomb Raider. Pointless article in my opinion.

Naate1807d ago

The point is that people go into an FPS expecting shooting and violence, not necessarily a pretty shocking attempted rape.

I'm not saying the scene was out of hand or wrong, I'm saying that reviewers should be mentioning it to their readers and they're not. So, I am.

Sideras1807d ago

Shooting people in the head, OK! Forcing penis into vagina! HOW COULD THEY!!! 'murica!

PockyKing1807d ago

But reviewers don't need to mention that in their reviews? The point is for the gamer to experience the world they're living in. If you tell them what to expect in terms of violence etc, then they'll know what to expect. As a reviewer who played through Metro and saw the scene your talking about, I certainly want the people who play this game to see that as it's a focal point of humanity in the game. Even in the darkest of situations, people are still people.

This game is certainly for the mature audience only, so if you're pointing this out as something that reviewers need to focus on in reviews, I find it hard to categorize you in the audience that will be playing the game.

The ESRB rating says the rest for parents.

UnHoly_One1807d ago

I disagree, I don't think things like this should be spoiled, regardless of your intentions.

There is a rating system on games, that should be all we need.

I'm sick of reviews giving away half of the story (or more), when all I want to know is how the game plays.

Halochampian1807d ago

Why should reviewers have to say what shocking scenes are in a game? Their job is to review. Not sit there and hold their readers' hands to make sure they dont get offended by something.

And if you are going to say that every FPS should only have shooting and violence and not at least try to explore difference emotional triggers, then you are a shallow gamer and exactly what the gaming industry doesn't need.

KaBaW1807d ago

This is why I don't bother with reviews, more often than not.
I want everything to be fresh, to be new.. not to expect something.
I want to be surprised about what I'm going to experience, in games.

Same goes for anything else. Movies, book, whatever.
I wanna know, by myself. I cannot stand when something is ruined.

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Catoplepas1807d ago

Says a lot about society in general when an attempted rape scene is the cause for concern in a title that has you remorselessly murder an endless stream of people.

The title is developed for mature audiences. "Attempted rape" comes under the moniker of mature themes. If you're of a sensitive disposition perhaps you shouldn't be playing these sort of titles in the first place?

ddurand11807d ago

hold on a second.

you mean to tell me that you expect people to use common sense?

how edgy of you.

ahamling271807d ago

I guess I'm kinda of the fence about it. On one hand, it's not part of the story so why even include it? They could have easily have toned this down to let's say, someone getting robbed, or just some guys about to beat up another dude.

But on the other hand, if it meshes well with the atmosphere and maybe adds to the tone of that part of the game, then it might not be so bad.

Then again, you can compare it to Robert Downey Jr's famous line from Tropic Thunder, "You never go full retard", except you should never have a rape scene in video games.

KaBaW1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Why not have rape scenes in games? Or nudity and sex in games?
They are in movies. They are portrayed and talked about in books.

So why should games be different? Chances are you aren't controlling the rape.
There really is no difference between it being in a game and watching a movie.

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