PlayStation Plus: Knytt Underground Rolls to the Instant Game Collection

Posted by Morgan Haro // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms-

This week, we welcome Knytt Underground, the PS3 and PS Vita Cross-Buy title, to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection! Read on to learn more about this, and other new content getting the Plus treatment.

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xHeavYx1809d ago

20% off Metro Last Night, nice

Salooh1809d ago

With tax it will cost me 57$ Which is kool. ^^

This is one of the times ps+ discounts are useful. We need this for the last of us and remember me !! :D

Ilovetheps41809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Wait, they charge you tax on the PSN store? I never have to pay tax on PSN and they don't charge tax on the cards. Is this not the same everywhere?

admiralvic1809d ago

@ Ilovetheps4

some states charge and others don't. I do believe you legally have to declare it on your taxes, where you should get taxed for them, but obviously that's up to you.

Salooh1809d ago

I live in Bahrain so we don't have a store. PSN cards are really expensive, 50 dollars cost 70 dollars or even more xD so i buy from websites such as these :

Which put taxes for reasons i don't know ( I tried buying from bahrain and UK , both cost the same ). But it's better then buying from my country.

The account issue is really easy to solve if sony let us change the country of the account but it have huge problems. I can't use my account on the vita and that's annoying as hell lol ..

rhap1809d ago

Dude, you can buy the cards on Amazon for their real price.

Salooh1809d ago


I searched in amazon few months ago but i couldn't find one that sell world wide. They only sell them to usa.

But i will search again , maybe they put another card that let buy it. Thanks for reminding me :)..

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JAM_brz1809d ago

What about Knytt Underground? Is it a good game?