I play video games, and I have depression

Six months ago, freelance video game writer Matt Hughes killed himself. Following this tragedy, a surge of people in the industry came out with stories of their own depression. That got me thinking about my own feelings. I’m taking anti-depressants and feel on the level, but every now and then I have down days. On one of those down days, I wrote this piece.

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GABRIEL10301804d ago

LOL, I feel the opposite I play video games, and I have a lot of energy. :)

Maddens Raiders1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

whilst smoking candlestick spliffs. Relaxed, but not depressed.

xHeavYx1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

The writer of the article takes antidepresants, that's already a red flat. You don't need to be a health expert to know that. Watch a commercial on TV about a depression pill and listen carefully to the side effects, which list "suicidal tendencies". WTF? I won't get into detail (I could write a book) but taking pills to fix an illness is the easy way, but the easy way doesn't work. Medication barely works. I'll leave with 2 examples. More people take pills to prevent hearth attack, but hearth attack fatalities keep going up, also FDA approved drugs have killed more people than all the people who died fighting wars for the US.
There are alternatives people! You don't get depressed for playing video games (I've been playing for over 22 years) you get depressed because your life is not balanced! Pills won't help you

3 questions for you. How many people you think have clinical depresion vs the people who say they are depressed to get on pills? How many of those people live a healthy lifestyle? How many people on pills are "cured" and can stop taking pills?

klecser1804d ago


You don't have the foggiest clue what you are talking about. Speak to real people with clinical depression and tell them to their faces that it is because they are making bad choices and see how that works out for you. Clinical depression is a VERY REAL chemical imbalance in the brain that can be treated with medication. It doesn't work the same in every case, not because the medication is faulty, but because clinical depression is a complex issue that is different for every person.

You are part of what is wrong with this world. You are an ignorant person who loves to blame victims of illnesses. I wouldn't let my loved ones within three hundred feet of your influence. Here's a test for you: Make the claims you're making at a National Conference for individuals with depression and tell them that they are being foolish for taking medicine. You wouldn't make it to the door. Heck, you wouldn't even go. You don't have the guts. That's what victim blamers are: gutless.

xHeavYx1804d ago

I would also like to ask you that, instead of attacking me, discuss it with some FACTS, don't just try to trash me with empty words

steve_ps1804d ago


Cardiovascular disease and cancers are conditions of elderly populations such as western countries, as healthcare improves more people will tend to die of either CV disease or cancer. Also western societies are getting fatter which increases likelihood of cardiovascular disease etc. Saying more people die of heart attacks therefore medication doesn't work isn't true and it's bad science, association doesn't mean causation.

Also antidepressants have helped a lot of people when used correctly in the right context, and I would disagree that taking pills are the easy way to anything without medications many diseases would be fatal or debilitating and it's often a struggle between side effects of pills and the potential benefits. Sorry to be picky about this but just working with people who suffer with chronic conditions it seems pretty easy to those who don't experience it to label it as an easy option when in reality it can be very difficult.

xHeavYx1804d ago

Healthcare doesn't improve. Kids life expectancy now , for the first time ever, is shorter than their parents. I understand that there is a very small percentage of people who may have serious depression caused by genes or birth issues, but (same with obesity) 98% of the people lack of exercise and a healthy lifestyle and blame it on the genes. most chronic conditions are caused because of inflammation, and guess who gets inflammation?
Then you have 2 options, you take a pill for life who acts as a band-aid, never fixing the cause of the illness, or you do something about it, unless it's too late

steve_ps1804d ago

@ Heavy

Sorry but you're wrong. Where did 98% come from? Also disease processes are multifactorial and I'm not denying lifestyle factors don't come into play but you said "taking pills to fix an illness is the easy way"
So firstly, rheumatoid arthritis an autoimmune condition that if untreated by medication can leave individuals severely physically disabled.
Secondly, hypothyroidism can be idiopathic and many people are diagnosed incidently; treatment is with levothyroxine and without it there's adverse affects in particular weight gain which can impact on other health factors.
Last example, hypertension (high blood pressure) the majority of which is primary ie idiopathic, yes obesity and other factors can promote it but many people just have it. Treatment with antihypertensives which without leaves individuals at a multiple fold increase of stroke, heart attacks and peripheral vascular disease.

Now tell me taking medications for any three of those conditions, arguably none relating at all to someones lifestyle choices, is an easy option? And how does your inflammation theory relate to those. And FYI there's lots more conditions which aren't predominately caused by environmental factors.

Also type 2 diabetes has a proven genetic predisposition, depending on which study there's around 50-60% concordance between twins which indicates that while there is environmental factors which can play a role there is a significant genetic role in diabetes.

Finally, a quick google search would give you the graphs to indicate that life expectancies are increasing. UK for example is around 80 compared to 77 just over 10years ago.

xHeavYx1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

You mention rheumatoid arthritis, again that's caused by inflammation. Hypothyroidism can be treated with Armour thyroid for better side effects. I thought you were being serious until you said that many many people just have hypertension, so I have to ask again, how many of those people who "just have it" live healthy? You can also list Rx for hypertension, but first check the side effects.
Type 2 diabetes? Ever heard of the show called Biggest Loser? Many of the contestants with type 2 diabetes were able to cure it after (again) exercise and a good diet.
Lastly, another quick Google search will show you the differences between health care in the US and the UK, it's apples and oranges

steve_ps1804d ago

I'm sorry but you really don't know what you're talking about. Yes rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory condition but it is caused by an autoimmune response, the pathogenesis of the conditions is not caused by an systemic inflammatory response it is an inflammatory reaction to an immune response. Learn your stuff before claiming things.

Armour thyroid is still a pill and you said all pills are the "easy option" so why are you claiming to be an expert on hypothyroid treatment, surely by your reasoning a bit of fruit and veg and a run will cure that for them? Also armour thyroid is T3 & T4 combition, levothyroxine is just T4 which is converted to T3 in the body under normal physiological conditions so there is very little difference. Also levothyroxine only has side effects in overdose as it is meant to compensate for the bodies lack of T4/3

I don't need to list the treatment for hypertension, the consequences untreated include nephropathy, retinopathy, heart disease, stroke and vascular disease. Those are facts, if you don't want to be treated and die or have serious morbidity from these outcomes that's fine. If saving your eye sight/kidney function/prolonging your life from heart disease is just an "easy option" to you then you are an idiot. Yes lower weight control and excercise can help lower blood pressure but in cases this is often not possible.

Yes I did say diabetes has an enviromental link did you not read my post? But I also said there is a significant genetic link affecting the likelihood of you suffering from it. Not all diabetes can be weight/diet controlled.

USA life expectancy 2000 - ~76.6, 2010 - 78.2 You're wrong again.

Btw on a side note I witnessed a 20 something year old male who had a BMI ~22/23 probably healthier than you with Crohn's disease have his large colon removed. I would love for you to tell someone like that that a bit more excercise and he would've been fine, and if you can defend that you are a worthless individual.

gatormatt801804d ago

@ steve_ps

I'm glad you brought up the diabetes issue, particularly the fact that not all diabetes is caused by unhealthy diet. And in fact a perfect example is Ray Allen's son, who at 5 years old has diabetes type 1, but has the appearance of a healthy kid.

Respectfully, Heavy I completely disagree with you.

xHeavYx1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I thought you were a mature person who could have a discussion. Why call me things? Keep taking your pills and you and I can have this argument when we are both 100, you can take all the pills you want and I'll keep my health in check my way. By the way, Armour thyroid is a pill, yes, but it's not like all the crap you list, I guess you could actually call it a "natural" pill.
I'll just end this nonsense saying that it doesn't matter what you look like in the outside (that super healthy looking guy you talk about) you can still fill your body with crap and have a 6 pack.
The big problem here is that close minded people think that pills are the response to everything, you go to your doctors office and 9 out of 10 times he will check his drawers for some pill he was paid for to give out. What about "conventional" doctors? How many of them are healthy looking people? How many of them still use methods that were proven noneffective years ago. On the other hand, other people like Dr Burzynski who find safer alternatives to treat Cancer get prosecuted by the FDA and the Medical boards, because "pill health" is not about curing a person, it's about keeping them sick and alive for as long as possible while the big pharma keeps their profit as high as possible. I will ask you for the last time, when was the last time someone got pill treatment and the disease was fixed?
You can do all the Google searches that you want to prove me wrong, but look around you (and your Dr's office) first to see how "healthy" those people are.

@ gatormatt80
Chances to get hereditary diabetes risk can be as high as 1 in 100, more info here

tommygunzII1804d ago

xHeavYx makes good points.

As arrogant humans we like to think we know everything about the human brain to the point we can alter its core with chemicals without extensive testing. With our medicine in its infancy stages I will never take a drug that hasn't been proven over time. You almost have to twist my arm to get me to take asprin.

Balanced diet, sleep, and activity is really what most of us need. If you don't understand that, you are doomed.

steve_ps1804d ago

@ Heavy

I'm tired of arguing with you now, you haven't formed any reasonable arguments to any of my points just reiterated the same crap so I'll finish on a few points.

I'm a healthy weight and active but that doesn't mean I sit high and mighty like you and claim that all illnesses are peoples own doing. I can guarantee you that over the next 40/50 or whatever years you will have a medical condition even with your oh-so-amazing life.

You totally misunderstand the role of medications, if you have a chronic condition you have to have treatment to manage that, it isn't a magic fix. But I guess if you want an example of a good drug antibiotics may satisfy your need, I challenge you not to accept them if you ever have a serious infection but I'm sure you will take the "easy option" if that happened.

"A natural pill" I'm guessing you don't classify them as the "easy option" which is convenient, many medications are based on natural substances.

Dr Burzynski used unproven methods to claim to treat cancer and make a profit for himself, that's just as bad as those big pharma companies yet you defend him? Interesting.

Also I work in a national healthcare system and so earn a wage from taxpayers, no incentives for me except patient care. Healthcare systems aren't perfect but in general the workers do their utmost.

I also like the way you deny factual based evidence, really brings your intellect across.

I urge you to use or any other medical journal site and do some research, look up rituximab for example, it's a great drug which has helped the treatment of many conditions and in particular those with B cell lymphomas, there's even evidence behind it's use (so you might disagree with that).

FITgamer1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

There are people who actually need the meds, but most people who take them don't. Just because because you are diagnosed with something doesn't mean you need meds. Some docs believe in the power of meds more than others so they are quick to write out prescriptions. Also there are doctors who are paid by pharmaceutical companies to get their product out to public. Regardless of whether or not you need the meds they still wreck your brain after long term use. 52% of suicides are by people who are on meds, so im sure there are a decent number of people who are better off without them.I personally was diagnosed with anxiety when i was 13, but refused to be on medication. Now that i am an adult my anxiety is pretty much non-existent.

jadenkorri1804d ago

klecser and all of above...

I laughed when Obesity was considered a disease. I'm sorry not putting the fork down is not a disease. Its laziness, people who don't get proper exercise and eat right can't blame themselves, they blame other people, or call it a "disease" to make themselves feel better. The same goes with depression, maybe it is a chemical imbalance in the brain, maybe its just that you're sad and not happy with yourself, but I've brought people to the gym who I know were depressed, or I'll say "unhappy". I was not aware of any medical conditions, but they lost weight, started eating healthier and sure enough started feeling better and hanging out instead of not showing up at parties they were invited too. We still play games, hell we played MW3 for like 2 hrs last night. Take an hour for yourself every day, you'll feel better, and do not be afraid to goto the gym, I was and too be honest it was the hardest thing for me to do at that time. As for all these antidepressants, their only for 1 thing... $$$$$$$$... if you want real health care, look west, not east.

FITgamer1804d ago Show
MysticStrummer1804d ago

Who knew all these doctors frequented N4G?

Anyone who says depression and obesity aren't diseases is moronic. Are there people who don't have the disease that show the symptoms for various reasons? Absolutely. Are there people on welfare who don't need to be? Absolutely. That doesn't mean welfare isn't legitimately needed by many, and the same applies for depression and obesity.

Saying that dealing with obesity is as simple as putting down a fork, or that dealing with depression is as simple as a change in diet and/or exercise habits, is ridiculous. You might as well say "get a job" to the person on welfare, but as many should know by now in these economic times, it's not usually that simple in the real world.

Mainsqueeze1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I too laughed when you said obesity was a disease. Obesity is not a freaking disease. Things like bad genes, which increase the likely hood of obesity if you sit on your ass all day, can, i guess, be considered a disease. But i guarantee that if these people with bad genes just worked out and ate healthy they wouldn't be so damn fat. My best friend's mother and father are two of the fattest people i have ever seen and have diabetes. Their son weighs about 170 lbs, is mostly muscle, ran track, and played bball in highschool. Yes pills can help and prolong or weaken things like depression and obesity (not talking about cancer or other ridiculous diseases that probably need to be treated with medication but IMO its more about how YOU handle the situation by treating your body with respect.

jadenkorri1804d ago

@ FITgamer

wow, the lamest comment ever recorded. You couldn't think of anything else.

Psn8001803d ago

I suffer with mental illness it is no joke !

SolidStoner1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

lol. same here, If I dont have something to smoke, I dont even start playing...

also you have to do sports and active life style, playing games dosnt make you depressed, but sitting on a couch for all day does!!! Take a break, eat somethig, go out, some time with family maybe, and smoke sh**, relax :) gaming is only positive, even bloody online shooters making me lough... (sometimes want to smash tv. but thats normal, any failed activity does that :D)

edit: I have hypertension, and pills made it worse, healthy lifestile, good night sleep is the key... pills made it easy at the start, but you cant use them forever! if you stop it is harder to go on without them... pills is the last option, if you have any health problems you should start by changing life style!!! but dont stop play games, it dosnt change anything.. just dont do it all day 7 days a week :D

Ares84HU1803d ago

xHeavYx is absolutely right. Whoever sais otherwise is wrong and don't know what they are talking about. Do some research before you speak. If you are ignorant than by the time you are 50 years old will be living with medication taking a handful every day and will never heal from your illness but will take those pills the day you die. Doesn't that make you wonder???

The truth is that there are alternatives to taking pills. And taking pills will NEVER heal you but all it does is put a blanket on the illness just so it can come back later on in some shape or form. The problem is that most doctors try to treat illnesses and not the source of the illness and because of that you will never recover from most illnesses. Pills are poison, just read the side effects of any pill. It's crazy how dangerous they are and yet people still take them. So what's the alternative??? The solution is simpler than you can imagine and most people don't believe that it even works. It's eating healthy and vitamins. That's right....that is all. You can cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so on but drug companies don't want you to know that because for them there is no money if you get better and heal. They want you to keep taking their pills so they can make their money off of you. You don't have to believe me. Do some research!!! I'd advise anyone to watch "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", "Forks Over Knifes" and there is a few more but I forgot the titles.... anyways these two documentaries are just a fraction of the truth that drug companies don't want you to know. Depression is a chemical imbalance that can be corrected with the right diet. The problem is especially here in the USA that people eat terribly, it's 90% meat which is terrible. Our diet should be 90% vegetables, 5% fruits and 5% meat (and white meat preferably like chicken, turkey and fish). Diabetes, heart disease is the highest in the world in the USA because of the diet people eat here. People eat every day at least 100-120g of sugar in the USA and the recommended amount for men for a day is no more than 30g of sugar. No wonder you get fat and sick. Drinking all those fountain sodas and eating chips, hamburgers and pizza. This is what makes you sick and fat and depressed. Turn your diet around, let your food be your medicine and you will be surprised of the results. Just a quick example; during WW2 when the Nazis invaded Norway, they took all the farm animals away from the Norwegians. The result was that Norwegians had very limited access to red meat and their diet changed to mostly vegetables and fruits. What this did is basically made death by cancer drop by more than 80%. Than after WW2 when the Norwegians were able to eat red meat again death by cancer started to climb again. But again, don't believe me, google it!!!

People, most doctors today are paid off by drug companies to shove pills down your throat without caring about your actual well being. Drug companies don't want you to know the truth and they will scare you into taking their pills by telling you there is no other way and you will die if you don't take their pills. Don't let them fool you!! Educate yourselves!! Be smart, make healthy choices, look at what you are putting in your body!!! Thank God there are some good doctors out there who are giving a middle finger to drug companies, among them my Godfather in Hungary who is a very smart man and people all over Europe go to him to heal.

Anyway, I got one last advice for everyone when you visit a doctor; If the doctor does not ask you about your diet and the amount of sleep you get than stand up and walk out. That is the two most basic things a doctor who is trying to heal you MUST ask!!! If they don't, than they just don't care and you will leave with 2-3 different pills that will do no better than to poison you any further.

Ares84HU1803d ago

Oh and my mom had clinical depression, she wanted to kill herself by the end but than I did my research found out the truth. She flew to Hungary to my Godfather and he took her off from all of her pills that she took here in the USA. It was about 10 different pills she took. And guess what happened..... she was cured and today, she is a healthy 48 year old. Also, she lost a lot of fat and drinks fresh made fruit and vegetable juices every day 3-4 times a day.

So as I said, educated yourself. Don't let yourselves be poisoned and lied to by drug companies! And again, don't believe me! GOOGLE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

Irishguy951803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Sorry Heavy and both have no idea what you are on about. The pills do NOT cure depression, but the ****ing help you ALOT to get over it. Combination of pills and therapy are the best form of treatment for depression. They helped me. I don't need them anymore. Pills alleviates the symptoms and helps restore the imbalance in your brain which comes from long term depression. Therapy will get the source and 'cure/mostly' while these pills help you lead a normal life while depressed.

MoveTheGlow1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

You know, I thought this conversation was going to get good, but then someone in the comments above recommended we all watch a couple for-profit entertainment flicks on losing weight, and I knew we missed the mark.

Can this be a talk about neurology and psychology again? Did anyone catch the author's references? How did those games make *you* feel? Or were you too young to experience even Ico and Metal Gear Solid 3... oh wait don't even tell me that answer, that'll just get me depressed either way...

Anyway, for further reading if you liked that article -

cyguration1803d ago

I agree with everything Ares and Heavy said.

Everyone I know who takes pills for something never got better, they're just taking even more pills now and are either bed-ridden or require constant care. I don't see how that helps (but don't get me wrong, there are some clinical forms of treatment that are necessary for some people with chronic illness that I believe can help at times.)

And Move the Glow, I reported your post for spam. There's no reason to include a Kotaku link in this discussion. A lot of people are trying to get them banned off the site anyway.

Kte1803d ago

Just need a little bit of weed like madden said..also you guys are taking the whole med thing pretty far. I agree with both points but at the end of the day it's up to the individual to take care of their health period...depression pills medications all fucking moth is obese and also has diabetes so its up to me to make sure I keep my health good not no fucking pills or any damn subscription that puts you closer to death..if anyone here is a doctor trying to state that shit is good for you...then you are wrong...take care of yourself...or if your depressed use what god gave to this magical earth...some weed..what was the family guy episode? Everything is better with a bag of least you don't hear someone dying off that lol

Kte1803d ago

Sorry, typed from my Ipad, I meant to say my MOM*

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IAmLee1803d ago

Well, this is a pointless article.

Flavor1803d ago

I used to be sorta sad, then I got a great job and got in shape. Now I'm unsad.

I never even considered doping myself with happy pills.

Kos-Mos1804d ago

Fight and stop with medical treatment. That's how I did it. Now I'm a really happy gamer:)

Awolvie1804d ago

I would love it to be that easy for some of us

dredgewalker1803d ago

It takes a lot of willpower and discipline to pull it off. I've had clinical depression too but I wanted to be free of the meds so I tried things like scratch building things and other activities in order to fight off my depression. I've been off the meds now for a decade but I still have depression but keeping my mind and body busy really helped me a lot. It's not easy but it's impossible.

Ares84HU1803d ago

Awolvie, if you stop taking pills, you are half way there. Read what I wrote above and you'll see why I said that.

jakethesnake1803d ago

Awolvie - great comment. It is a shame that people try and shame people from seeking the medical attention they desperately need. About 12 years ago I suffered a really terrible depression that I thought I could cure with improving my lifestyle - and the result was that I had such a breakdown that I was in a near psychosis and depression. Medication wasn't an easy fix but did eventually help and after 4 years of treatment I was able to return to a normal healthy life. I hope people reading these comments who are suffering just think they can beat it by themselves if they are genuinely in need of help. Random people on the internet need to stop giving fake medical advice and encourage people who need help to seek it from qualified individuals.

spok221804d ago

Anything in which there is too much excess will almost always be bad for you. Just have to balance it out a little ya no?

justrandom1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I agree spok22
At my work on of my workers I manage its big fat a$S lazy (he has no desease) all shift .the last 15 min that we have to do some stuff we do everyday at work ,he is the fastes fatty i've ever seen.So he is just lazy ,no wonder he gets payed minimum wage.Im just commenting about the fat lazy people.As far as pills concerns me ,like someone mentioned above wy wife has to bag me to take a tylenol when I have headacche.I dont unless I m really sick then yes.I just take a quarter of pill and it has effect right away .but people that takes them all the time their body is used to it and becomes like an need its a brainwashin thing .
As far as deppresion goes many people are the cause for their deppression(im talking about cases when the individual ignores keeping fit and eating healthy and thinking clear).Few workers where I work they are already bored depressed the first minute they start working.I work happy almost always cause i think positive,I work fast,most of them dragging their feet when they work,so to wrap it up millions of people are dead weight to this society and who disagrees with contributing to a better society(talking about lazy and selfish ones) F off and jump off a bridge and do the world a favour.
By the way there are treatment for cancer.who is smart can understand why cancer still exist.have a nice day smart and not so bright ones...
I was not talking about the depressed people that cannot fix themselves cause medicines are needed at one point for certain deseases,but many problems in our lives we can resolve ourselves and not pills.

fsfsxii1804d ago

LOL, who cares< its your own problem, you're forcing yourself to be depressed, just get over it, its not worth it.

dafegamer1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I bet you dont understand, that depression is an illness. You cant just get over it, you dont understand what you're talking about. A relative of mine died, because of depression. Thats some serious business and needs to be cured asap

LoveOfTheGame1804d ago

I understand that people think depression is an illness. Learn to deal with your problems in a healthy way and get over them.

PS: Anti-depressant pills are not a healthy way.

klecser1804d ago

You are an idiot LoveOfTheGame.

LoveOfTheGame1804d ago

That may be, but at least I have the manners not to immaturely call some one names.

cleverusername1804d ago

I bet she doesn't even know what day it is!!

tubers1804d ago


I hope antidepressants aren't easily recommended.. that wouldn't feel right.

IMO, other alternatives should be tried first.

Still.. very situational.

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TheModernKamikaze1804d ago

You just can't get over an illness.

PeaSFor1804d ago

I know i will sound cheesy, but life has it ups and downs, twist and turns, and highs and lows. Just like a rollercoaster.

Everyday can bring new challenges and new peaks whether good or bad. We stand in line to start our day, just like we stand in line to ride a rollercoaster. When the day is over we end up, pretty much in the same place we started, just like when we get off a rollercoaster. Some days may end worse some days may end up better. But either way you must tackle all the hills thrown in your path, because if you don’t the ride will never end. Right? Say your on the roller coaster and it can’t pull you over the first hill then you would never get off the ride, you would be stuck. Same way with life if you cant get over the ups and downs, twists and turns, highs and lows then you will always be stuck and never move forward. Unfortunately in life we are thrown tragedy and that’s a hill we have to go over and with support like the roller coaster harnesses we will get over them all.