Red 5 Won't Go PvP Against World of Warcraft

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Former World of Warcraft team lead and current Red 5 CEO Mark Kern tells Next-Gen that one key to being competitive with WoW is not competing with WoW, if you catch his drift.

Kern, who is CEO of Southern California startup MMO studio Red 5, knows quite well what it's like going up against the odds in the MMO market. After all, when he was leading WoW towards launch, it was EverQuest that was ruling over online role-players.

Blizzard roared into the market in the same fantasy genre with WoW in 2004, and it was, of course, wildly successful, beating EverQuest at its own game. But to try to beat WoW at its own game is a mistake, says Kern. And if you do try to go head-to-head with Blizzard's beast, expect to shell out plenty of money."

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