Why Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Might Be The Best MGS Game Ever

From Leviathyn: "One of the few gameplay mechanics which we know will be in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes for certain may fix issues which have always existed in Kojima's seminal Tactical Espionage Action series. Specifically- that cutscenes have nearly crippled a couple of the entries, and Ground Zeroes may evade this pitfall. "

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Nyxus1654d ago

Great, another article ranting on MGS' cutscenes.

Am_Ryder1654d ago

Didn't say I have a problem with them- just that a lot of folk do! Should have emphasised that. And that GZ should give us tons more actual gameplay time with the freedom to go anywhere. Literally as much unhindered gameplay as we want.

fsfsxii1654d ago

Nah, nothing can beat MGS2