Dragon’s Prophet: do we really need another fantasy MMO?

Somewhere in a land full of pointy-eared heroes and dwarvish heroines with hair in places that would make Frida Kahlofollow blush, there is a game developer in the back of a tavern. Said developer is panting heavily amidst the smoke of a hundred pipes made from Ent and the alcoholic stench of distilled orc sweat – they’re about to give birth. They’re about to give birth to a baby the likes of which has… been seen many times before. Don’t give me that look, not all children are special or beautiful. Some are just like all the others and so is this one – except that it’s got dragon wings stuck to its back.

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Ask2045d ago

Personally I'm waiting for the MMORPG genre to be reinvented entirely. So bored of it in its current iteration.

Star Citizen has potential but I really want something to blow me away. Something more personal. Hell, I'd settle for skyrim with co-op or random player drop in. A world like that is what I want to play with my friends in.