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Submitted by doctorstrange 931d ago | news

Sony: “There Are Plenty More Reveals Coming” for the PlayStation Vita

Last week, Fred Dutton, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) Blog Manager, teased that we’d see some “intriguing game announcements,” which turned out to be Wolfenstein: The New Order, Hohokum, Doki-Doki Universe, and CounterSpy. This week, there’s pretty good odds that we’ll see Gran Turismo 6 (or, for no reason, a Gran Turismo HD Collection) at the Gran Turismo 15th Anniversary event, but Fred recently gave the PlayStation Vita some attention. - PSLS (Injustice: Gods Among Us, ModNation Racers, PS Vita, PS3)

JoGam  +   931d ago
Thats what I'm talking about Sony. Good Job!
I remember seeing a article on N4G last week stating Sony is giving up on the Vita. Well this just confirms that article or opinion was BS. Like I said before and will say it again, WAIT TILL E3! Stay Tuned.
abzdine  +   931d ago
this is all i needed to hear, thank you sony
Maddens Raiders  +   931d ago
Sony is doing amazing things.
ApolloTheBoss  +   931d ago
And it's only gonna get better!
FamilyGuy  +   931d ago
Snookies12  +   931d ago
You mean "excellent"?
Protagonist  +   930d ago
That clip of family guy is so funny... love it ;))))
Blaze929  +   930d ago
Im surprised everyone is leaping at "spoken words" rather than visual proof. At this point in time we need Sony to show and tell. Not just tell.

They did the same thing with all that "telling" for the PSP and look how that turned out in the end.

They better show them gaaaamez at E3 plentiful.
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PeaSFor  +   931d ago
i really need a new Patapon(a hd compilation maybe?) on my ps vita.

oh and wouldnt say no to a new GTA....
TrendyGamers  +   931d ago
A new Patapon would be great, especially after they gave out the original for free a month or two back.
Minato-Namikaze  +   931d ago
Patapon was a awesome series that fell to the piracy of the PSP. I hope they dont give up on that franchise.
OmniSlashPT  +   931d ago
HD patapon with touch controls? that would be sweet! and i even think the rear touch pad would actually be useful for Patapon.
SonyPS4  +   930d ago
I proudly own a physical copy bought brand new for all three games of this franchise.
nugnugs  +   931d ago
Who's disagreeing with people wanting Patapon? You may not want it, but why disagree? Just move on.
majiebeast  +   930d ago
Patapon 4 the same squad system as 2 because imo it was the best out of the 3 games.
Wedge19  +   931d ago
Some Vita love is what Sony needs! Glad to hear this. Between the ramping up of the Vita, and the PS4, this next year is going to be incredible!
TrendyGamers  +   931d ago
And it should carry into next year!
ftwrthtx  +   931d ago
I sure hope that's true.
TrendyGamers  +   931d ago
Don't know why you got a few disagrees for that...
SnotyTheRocket  +   931d ago
Because N4G.
Hicken  +   930d ago
It's a site run by Sony fanboys. Of course they're gonna vote down positive comments about a Sony device.

... wait, what?
mercyme   931d ago | Spam
Typical-Guy  +   931d ago
Yeah but they either get pushed back or get released in Japan only!
SilentNegotiator  +   931d ago
Unless one of those reveals are a price cut, VITA will continue to get nowhere.
LOL_WUT  +   931d ago
Totally agree

Here's hoping it gets it's first price cut announced at E3 along with some new games.
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Wedge19  +   931d ago
The biggest need is a memory card price cut, not just a base price price cut.
Salooh  +   931d ago
I strongly disagree with this. Games are the answer. People won't buy it because it's cheap. People will buy it to play what they love. They love games so gta fans would buy the vita without thinking about the price because they want to play it. GT fans will do the same to play GT anywhere they want. Same with any big games like call of duty and battlefield..etc

Price was perfect for people in release date and most of the people didn't know about the price of memories nor the limitation it have but what didn't help it the fact that the games they want wasn't available or not announced so why waste money on something won't give me what i love?..

Price cut for memories or games or the handheld it self won't make sense unless people really want it but can't afford it , in reality people don't want it at all because it doesn't provide famous gaaaaaaames.
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Salooh  +   931d ago
To make more sense. What if sony made a port to Mw1 or BO2 for the vita and let vita players play with consoles , do you think cod fans won't buy this ?..

I'm not saying i want exactly like that ,But it can provide something near it. Look at killzone mercenary, It's like the console version, It reminds me of killzone2. So it can do near the quality. That's what i mean of Big games.
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SonyPS4  +   930d ago
He does have a point though, a price drop would really benefit, as well as including a memory card out of the box like how it should've been to begin with considering you cannot even play your games without one. That isn't too much different from selling a device and not including a power cord with it.

The Vita is a device of potential, but it has A LOT of room for improvement and right now it is doing more poorly than the PSP ever did in its first fiscal years.

CoD and BF wouldn't work much wonders, either. The games are known for online multiplayer and this Vita device will often be used where public WiFi isn't available. Games like Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, and GTA are much better suited for this system. 3G is also extremely unreliable for online gaming.
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DivineAssault  +   931d ago
I never doubted anything about this handheld.. If its going to be a big part of PS4, i doubt its support would just die.. Sony wants as many ppl as possible to own both of them & to do that they both will need games.. Both are easy to design games for so im sure they will be just fine & blow us away with future releases & features.. Only a few more weeks
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Belking  +   931d ago
"If its going to be a big part of PS4"

But that's the problem with it. It shouldn't have to be a big part of the PS4 to be successful. It should be able to stand on it's own without it. Owning a ps4 isn't going to make people go out and buy a vita. They need more than just the indie games if this device is going to make it.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   931d ago
The vita stands pretty well by itself IMO, Could be a bit better but i've enjoying the heck out of it since black friday. If i can get some reasonably priced high capacity memory sticks at E3 i'll be set.
Belking  +   931d ago
"The vita stands pretty well by itself IMO"

We all know that's not true. It has been struggling since release. They still need a system seller game like mario for it to take off.
abc1233  +   931d ago
Uncharted GA, gravity rush, persona 4, virtue last reward, soul sacrifice, AC liberation, LBP, etc. The vita stands on its own, some more games would be nice but the catalogue is nowhere near as terrible as people make it seem.
Minato-Namikaze  +   931d ago
MY enjoyment of a system isn't based on how well it sells but rather the games that are available. So yes IMO the vita stands well by itself, and like all sony platforms they will have a wide variety of games that sell their system and not just one title.
DivineAssault  +   931d ago
It doesnt need to be a huge part of PS4 to be successful.. Its just going to be an added bonus.. Vita will have plenty of titles on it besides indie games too.. Muramasa, Dragons Crown, Killzone, TearAway, FFX, & more are incoming this year & E3 will announce more..

Read the title of this news piece, "Plenty more reveals coming".. Sony isnt going to just let it die out without software & i know 3rd party devs will make games for it.. PSP got a lot of great 3rd party games being behind the DS (many were better imo) so this gen wont be any different..
bryam1982  +   931d ago
I'm waiting for a vita price cut announcement this e3 and then i'll buy my second vita not to worried about nemory card price cut cuz if you look on the web u can find good prices like rite now a 16 gigs for 25$ on bestbuy and i just need the memory for my indies i usually buy the games on sd form and my ps1 games on remote play( does anyone notice that playing over better than whit private network? ) love my vita i played it more than my ps3 every day
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Williamson  +   931d ago
Maybe a dark cloud 3, legend of dragoon, ape escape, an original R&C, jak & daxter, heavenly sword spinoff, or maybe new ips?
dafegamer  +   931d ago
its possible, those are IPs owned by sony ;). Not sure why people would vote you down
Williamson  +   931d ago
People seem to downvote any positive comment about the vita.
R_aVe_N  +   931d ago
I so want a Dark Cloud 3 been waiting for it for years. ;;tears;;
dafegamer  +   931d ago
yup nostalgic tears indeed. VITA or ps4 ;)
CaptainSheep  +   931d ago
Persona, inFAMOUS, MGS.
I'd sqeak like a little girl if they announced any one of those.
illtornworld  +   931d ago
id really love a patapon hd, and loco rocco hd coection on Vita! you know how fun that would be
GdaTyler  +   931d ago
That trailer was so awesome. I'm following this game everyday, I really can't wait till this and GTA V come out on the 17th of September. OMG
DigitalRaptor  +   931d ago
E3 is going to be epic for a number of gamers, but none more than those who have a PS3 & Vita and will be getting a PS4 and 720.

Vita is exploding at the moment in terms of content, and it's only going to get better.
kalkano  +   931d ago
I find myself getting a little excited. But, I'm really trying not to expect much. E3 always lets me down...
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Thomaticus  +   931d ago
Soul Sacrifice has been great so far. I'm glad that the Vita is getting some great games.
arbitor365  +   931d ago
vita haters want it to go away, but its not. and it is going to continue putting out the best handheld games on the market.
ApolloTheBoss  +   931d ago
I knew it would take off from the beginning. Just gotta have a little faith is all.
Prodigy-X  +   931d ago
And now all the Vita haters and doubters can shut their big fat mouths.
knifefight  +   931d ago
I'm hoping for some new IPs and some sequels to the Vita's best.
Ozmoses  +   930d ago
I don't usually game on handheld systems. But, when I do. It's on a Playstation Vita.
razor76  +   930d ago
Stay thirsty my friends ! Sony FTW!
ai_nui  +   930d ago
more games for my vita please..;_;
o-Sunny-o  +   930d ago
Oh yeah! ^~^ The more the better! Sony should cut memory card prices and also bundle each Vita with an 8 gb at least. If no price cut for Vita then bundle 32gb with Vita for same price as is. Idk if that's fair... T-T Here goes hoping for E3!
extermin8or  +   930d ago
:D back to playing Soul sacrafice and Sly whilst I wait then :p

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