Sony: “There Are Plenty More Reveals Coming” for the PlayStation Vita

Last week, Fred Dutton, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) Blog Manager, teased that we’d see some “intriguing game announcements,” which turned out to be Wolfenstein: The New Order, Hohokum, Doki-Doki Universe, and CounterSpy. This week, there’s pretty good odds that we’ll see Gran Turismo 6 (or, for no reason, a Gran Turismo HD Collection) at the Gran Turismo 15th Anniversary event, but Fred recently gave the PlayStation Vita some attention. - PSLS

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JoGam1773d ago

I remember seeing a article on N4G last week stating Sony is giving up on the Vita. Well this just confirms that article or opinion was BS. Like I said before and will say it again, WAIT TILL E3! Stay Tuned.

abzdine1773d ago

this is all i needed to hear, thank you sony

Maddens Raiders1773d ago

Sony is doing amazing things.

ApolloTheBoss1773d ago

And it's only gonna get better!

Protagonist1773d ago

That clip of family guy is so funny... love it ;))))

Blaze9291772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Im surprised everyone is leaping at "spoken words" rather than visual proof. At this point in time we need Sony to show and tell. Not just tell.

They did the same thing with all that "telling" for the PSP and look how that turned out in the end.

They better show them gaaaamez at E3 plentiful.

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PeaSFor1773d ago

i really need a new Patapon(a hd compilation maybe?) on my ps vita.

oh and wouldnt say no to a new GTA....

TrendyGamers1773d ago

A new Patapon would be great, especially after they gave out the original for free a month or two back.

Minato-Namikaze1773d ago

Patapon was a awesome series that fell to the piracy of the PSP. I hope they dont give up on that franchise.

OmniSlashPT1773d ago

HD patapon with touch controls? that would be sweet! and i even think the rear touch pad would actually be useful for Patapon.

SonyPS41773d ago

I proudly own a physical copy bought brand new for all three games of this franchise.

nugnugs1773d ago

Who's disagreeing with people wanting Patapon? You may not want it, but why disagree? Just move on.

majiebeast1773d ago

Patapon 4 the same squad system as 2 because imo it was the best out of the 3 games.

Wedge191773d ago

Some Vita love is what Sony needs! Glad to hear this. Between the ramping up of the Vita, and the PS4, this next year is going to be incredible!

TrendyGamers1773d ago

And it should carry into next year!

ftwrthtx1773d ago

I sure hope that's true.

TrendyGamers1773d ago

Don't know why you got a few disagrees for that...

Hicken1773d ago

It's a site run by Sony fanboys. Of course they're gonna vote down positive comments about a Sony device.

... wait, what?

1773d ago
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