Is It Finally Time to Buy a PS3?

Game Almighty's Matt Butrovich writes, "...things are looking much better for the Playstation 3 in 2008. But is it worth buying yet? Should that $600 tax rebate coming in May be allocated for a PS3? Let's take a look."

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CrazzyMan3918d ago

Well, actually BEST time to get PS3 is in June with 80GB MGS4 bundle and dualshock3, imo.
I believe over 500k PS3 will be sold that week WW.

Dark_Vendetta3918d ago

I'll be one of those guys :)

Ghoul3918d ago

actually it was time to buy the ps3 ever since the price dropped

barom3918d ago

it was worth buying the ps3 a year ago. and the value just gets bigger and bigger.

Ghoul3918d ago

gotta add

Worth since launch
Affordable since Pricedrop
Ineffitable when the MGS4 bundle arrives

consolewar3918d ago

sorry early adopters lol.
Right now = NOOOO, duh
Winter 2008 = undeniable YES

The Killer3918d ago

"Should that $600 tax rebate coming in May be allocated for a PS3?"

its already costing 400$!!
and yes its time to buy one and was time and will always be good time to buy one!!

mikeslemonade3918d ago

It's funny how even xbox owners say PS3 will have a great 08 but not now. Once your live subcription you should sell your 360 and buy the PS3.

Lifendz3918d ago

There's nothing but positives for the system. Both the immeadiate and the distant future is bright. The System has a long life ahead of it. It's archetecture allows it to be competitive for the future. PSN hasn't even touched its potential and its free.

Yeah, get it if you can. I'd wait for the MGS4 bundle but that's just me.

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mighty_douche3918d ago

On release was my time and I've NEVER doubted the investment.

fenderputty3918d ago

I thought it was time to buy one at the US launch. Never once regretted my purchase.

fenderputty3918d ago

Actually, I got a PS3 with full backwards compatibility. The 60 gig is still the best IMO. Plus I got to kick ass at resistance and motorstorm. Granted there was a dry spell there but, not getting to play online for 7 months was not worth the 100 dollars I would have saved.

mindedone3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I've had mine for a while now, but he says that for those that haven't bought one yet, there's no compelling reason to buy one RIGHT NOW. He says that those that have yet to adopt are better off waiting until the MSG4 80 gig bundle w/ DS3 comes out. Surely you can agree with that. Surely we can agree with that.

edit: I never regretted my purchase. I actually bought a 360 last summer, and returned it the next day when I found out that the ps3 was pricedropped. However, I don't see a compelling reason not to wait.

resistance1003918d ago

Yep, we can as you will be getting better value for your money, unless you are a Gran Turismo Fan living in europe then pick the GT bundle up next week.

As for me i Paid £425 on launch day for it and have never regreted it since

masterg3918d ago

I don't agree.
If I didn't have one I know I could not let GTA4 go by without me buying one. A 360 would not be an option because of this years line up.

wolfehound223918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I've had mine since Sept. and have never felt bad with my choice. BC would be nice but I have my PS2 and really I'm not going to go back and play to many PS2 games anytime soon. Also Duel Shock really isn't that big of a deal IMO. Although I do agree in part with the article and if you can wait for that MGS4 bundle than do it.

mindedone3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

You don't think it's worth waiting three months? Clearly it's not TOO important to those who haven't adopted yet, what's a few more months?

shizball3918d ago

I agree. A few months won't kill anyone.

iAmPS33918d ago

I would wait until the MGS4 bundle.

Kaz Hirai3918d ago

Have a well-deserved bubble, it seems the PIGS have EATEN your other 4!


Sir Ken Kutaragi 33918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

The time has come my faithful PlayStation owners! ;)
It's time to DESTROY this thing called xBox 360?(is it the DreamCast 2???) ;-D
And DESTROY this thing called Micro$oft?
Why do they want to own everything for???
They should stick to making peoples lives a misery when they try to
use 'Windows' day in and day out!!! ;-D
Poor xBox owners are so GULLIBLE!!!
You got DUMPED buying the 1st xBox( PS2 still going strong!)
and now your getting the Red Ring of Death!!!
Why do you lot take this for???
+Why do you slag off PlayStation for no reason for???
Sounds like JEALOUSY to me???
Micro$oft and Bill don't care about you, you know???
Throw your xBox's in the bin and come to the company who KNOW how to do consoles and games.
Just think you could be playing -
GTA5;) (Only on PS3)
The Getaway 3
TimeSplitters 4 ;-P
+many many more stuff;)
It's time to GO NEXT-GEN!!! ;-D
+To all my Loyal Disciples i hope you enjoyed playing PS1+PS2+PSP and now PS3;)

carl ps33918d ago

Sir Ken that games list is brill :P
Yep PS3 is the Console to own :P

SUP3R3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

-EDIT- I don't know how this got up here, but it was in reply to #4

LOL that once had me going for awhile

Also POG your comeback to 3FIXME's list is weak and extremely unconvincing to anyone who is looking for a comparison.
I can't wait to see what the argument will be around this time next year when the PS3's exclusives library is out in full force and stacking up even more to be unleashed in 2009.
If xbots can only brag about multi-platform games that are rapidly becoming equal on both consoles then it's a damn shame.

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