IGN: SEGA Superstars Tennis DS Review

IGN writes: "It's pretty obvious that, with SEGA Superstar Tennis, SEGA's trying to do the self-celebratory "Hooray for us!" thing that Nintendo's been doing with its Super Smash Bros. franchise. SEGA has all the rights to do it – it's one of the few companies out there that has such a huge gaming history, a large assortment of intellectual properties and a vast library of memorable, trademarked characters. The big difference: Nintendo's game – a four player fighting design -- is something unique and extraordinary, and SEGA's game is nothing more than a stripped down rendition of Virtua Tennis.

Naturally, if you're going to do a character-based tennis game, Virtua Tennis is a fantastic foundation to build off of. And in the three-plus years of life the Nintendo DS has been without that property, the appearance of SEGA Superstars Tennis is, at the very least, something noteworthy on a system that hasn't really excelled in the sports department."

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