Defiance Arkfall Codes and Rewards List for My EGO

An explanation of what Arkfall codes are, what rewards players will receive from them, and the full known list of codes for the Defiance game. Currently there are just over 150 verified codes. Players only need to submit 120 to their account in order to finish the Ark Hunter training and receive most of the rewards.

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Tetsujin1592d ago

I vote more arkfall codes and more rewards; also some sort of timed questions regarding the show would also be nice. Example: You have 1 hour to answer this question - Who did *character* kill tonite? Answer correctly for *item.* I'm hoping they already have something like that planned.

Alduin1591d ago

I bet there will be more codes released in the future. I'm sure they'll do something cool and do a giveaway of some sort with them.

Tornadobounce1592d ago

Sweet game man. Recommend it to third person fans.

Alduin1591d ago

Yeah, it's a pretty decent game. Can't wait for the DLC to start dropping for it.

TheSaint1592d ago

Boring game, same shit over and over and over and over and over.....