Does Nintendo Need Third Parties?

Clearly Nintendo is having problems with their third party relationships (see: EA), so why doesn’t Nintendo just say goodbye to third parities?

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LOL_WUT1808d ago

You can spin it however you want but the answer is yes. ;)

chronoforce1808d ago

they don't need 3rd parties, clearly they make money and their consoles sell because of their own games,however the business model they employ no longer makes sense since 3rd party devs want to reach as many platforms as possible spending as a little as possible. They aren't interested in making unique games for one platform which is what Nintendo is expecting. what Nintendo needs is to change their business model.

Captain Qwark 91808d ago

well actually they dont. they have so many triple a first party games and the attach rate for most consoles is only like 5-8 games. if they can match that attach rate with quality software they can get away with it. gamecube survived mostly on first party, microsoft survives mostly on third party. sony mixes it up.

Utalkin2me1808d ago

5-8 titles...Thats so 2010 guy, for PS3/360 that is. 89% of statistics is made up on spot too.

Errefus1808d ago

Agree they need them no matter what....

thisisdallas1808d ago

I think it was the last investors meeting where Iwata stated they were understaffed or had a hard time meeting development goals...something along those lines. If that's the case, I don't understand why Nintendo wouldn't try and buy up some more studios. Quite a few studios went belly up this gen but Nintendo failed to do anything about it.

nirwanda1808d ago

I agree to some extent but why buy a stusio when you could cherry pick all its best staff for yourself.
But your right nintendo would need more studios in different locals.

Instead of buying studio's maybe buying licensed products that haven't seen the light of day for ages like shenmue, panza dragoon saga, oddworld, breath of fire, and secret of mana.

1808d ago
Godmars2901808d ago

Hasn't this question been asked about the Game Cube and Wii?

ziggurcat1808d ago

yes nintendo does need them... i don't think fans would be happy to only get 1 or 2 games per year now, would they?

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The story is too old to be commented.