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Does Nintendo Need Third Parties?

Clearly Nintendo is having problems with their third party relationships (see: EA), so why doesn’t Nintendo just say goodbye to third parities? (Nintendo, Wii U)

LOL_WUT  +   524d ago
You can spin it however you want but the answer is yes. ;)
chronoforce  +   524d ago
they don't need 3rd parties, clearly they make money and their consoles sell because of their own games,however the business model they employ no longer makes sense since 3rd party devs want to reach as many platforms as possible spending as a little as possible. They aren't interested in making unique games for one platform which is what Nintendo is expecting. what Nintendo needs is to change their business model.
Captain Qwark 9  +   524d ago
well actually they dont. they have so many triple a first party games and the attach rate for most consoles is only like 5-8 games. if they can match that attach rate with quality software they can get away with it. gamecube survived mostly on first party, microsoft survives mostly on third party. sony mixes it up.
Utalkin2me  +   524d ago
5-8 titles...Thats so 2010 guy, for PS3/360 that is. 89% of statistics is made up on spot too.
Errefus  +   524d ago
Agree they need them no matter what....
thisisdallas  +   524d ago
I think it was the last investors meeting where Iwata stated they were understaffed or had a hard time meeting development goals...something along those lines. If that's the case, I don't understand why Nintendo wouldn't try and buy up some more studios. Quite a few studios went belly up this gen but Nintendo failed to do anything about it.
nirwanda  +   524d ago
I agree to some extent but why buy a stusio when you could cherry pick all its best staff for yourself.
But your right nintendo would need more studios in different locals.

Instead of buying studio's maybe buying licensed products that haven't seen the light of day for ages like shenmue, panza dragoon saga, oddworld, breath of fire, and secret of mana.
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Godmars290  +   524d ago
Hasn't this question been asked about the Game Cube and Wii?
ziggurcat  +   524d ago
yes nintendo does need them... i don't think fans would be happy to only get 1 or 2 games per year now, would they?
JohnDread  +   524d ago
Nintendo does need at least some 3rd party support, and they will receive just that. Gamecube and Wii did just fine that way. All those articles about developers saying they don't support the Wii U don't worry me at all. If Nintendo does everything right concerning 1st party, they will be fine again.
Zodiac  +   524d ago
Definitely, but Nintendo doesn't need to depend of them nearly as much as Sony and Microsoft.
Jadedz  +   524d ago
Nintendo's dependance on third parties is usually to void-fill, whereas the competition actually uses them to sell their own hardware.
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maniacmayhem  +   524d ago
This author appears to be new to the video game industry. Third party titles make up 90+% of your console's library.

If Nintendo ditched third parties they would have to make up software in an insane amount of production studios and time. Not to mention acquiring licenses, which I believe EA still holds the NFL one so having Nintendo make their own football game would be pointless since they couldn't use real teams and players.

This article seems to suggest Nintendo should make their own versions of whatever is popular on other systems for their own system. This type of practice would backfire on them completely. Gamers and industry heads would see them as nothing more than a copycat dev pumping out 2nd brand, generic titles of the original. Sort of like those off brand sodas and cereals you get at the local supermarket.

Nintendo needs the install base. They need to get the WiiU off and running and popular among the gamers. When we see this and I'm sure it will happen. Then we will see the games start to pour in from 3rd party developers.
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famoussasjohn  +   524d ago
"Nintendo make their own football game would be pointless since they couldn't use real teams and players."

Sadly, it would be better than what they're currently offering for football games, which won't be getting the next Madden.
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from the beach  +   524d ago
Yes - I'd still buy their console if they had no third party though. That's Nintendo / Sega tier.
finite  +   524d ago
I would still 100% buy a Nintendo system just for their quality of games they produce...... and since third party games are falling below par recently ...
oof46  +   524d ago
In an earlier article, it was revealed that first party games make up 6% of sales for both Sony and Microsoft. The number for Nintendo, however, is 32% So, Nintendo can survive off of first party games.

If it wants to grow it's installed base, however, it needs more third party support. And, it seems, the only way third parties are going to support the Wii U, is if the installed base grows. So let's see how they figure out that conundrum.
McScroggz  +   524d ago
This is a question that has been asked for a while and, specific for Nintendo, is tough to answer. Clearly Nintendo is still making money with little third party support, but the question is will it sustain them? Nintendo went from:

NES - 62 Mil
SNES - 49 Mil
N64 - 33 Mil
Gamecube - 22 Mil

Obviously the Wii was an overwhelming success, but so far the Wii U isn't proving it can fully recapture all those casual gamers its baby brother did. It's too early to truly tell, sure, but there's no reason to think it will approach the amount of Wii's sold. Before the Wii came out people were seriously questioning how long Nintendo would stay in the hardware business.

However, all that said, Nintendo fans have proven they are loyal to the company and buy their games. With third party games becoming ever more popular, one would think Nintendo needs them - but given the support of Nintendo owners can we really be certain?

Personally, I think the Wii was an aberration and the Wii U will continue the troubling trend of declining console sales. So, to me Nintendo will have to drastically change their ways or they won't be able to compete in the console market. I hope I'm wrong, but it's just my opinion.
GABRIEL1030  +   524d ago
Not, Nintendo doesnt need them. Nintendo only needs to launch its own franchises like Zelda, Metroid, X - Monolith Project and support games like Project Cars and Shadow darkness, also they need to create new and dynamic IP's.
DivineAssault  +   524d ago
Without 3rd party, itl be little more than gamecube.. Great machine with great 1st party but only a small dedicated group to buy it.. Despite getting some 3rd party timed exclusives like RE4 & Viewtiful Joe

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