Top 5 Fighting Game Franchises That Should Return

With the fighter now restored as a viable genre in the gaming world and a new generation on the way, let’s have a look at the top 5 fighting game franchises that need to return.

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UnHoly_One1806d ago

No Killer Instinct??

I can't take this article seriously.

Apollosupreme1805d ago

I remember when that dropped. It was like the most amazing console game I'd ever seen at that point.

FamilyGuy1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

"I can't take this article seriously."

... I hear this a lot, catch phrase or meme?

They really listed Def Jam and Fighting Vipers... wtf is fighting vipers!? lol

I'd prefer Samurai Shodown (loved this in arcades in the 90s, Killer Instinct, Rival Schools, Eternal Champions (Sega CD). All of these are way better choices in my opinion. Samurai Shodown had a guy with a dog that was my favorite to fight as.

edit: Turns out Samurai Shodown had releases this gen, I just never saw them before :/

MadMen1806d ago

No KI at ALL on this list! WEAK ARTICLE!

dachiefsman1806d ago

It's the your argument is false.

MWH1806d ago

- fatal fury
- bloody roar
- power stone
- killer instinct
- samurai shodown

NastyDaddeh1805d ago

A new "GOOD" DBZ game wouldnt be a bad either

zeal0us1805d ago

I definitely would be down for another Power Stone game and Killer Instinct 3.

Capcom should at least re-release Power Stone collections for PSN,XBL& Nintendo Online system.

Captain Qwark 91806d ago

def jam was sooooooo good!. bloody roar & powerstone too. also add killer instinct

Robotronfiend1805d ago

I didn't see Primal Rage on there. Obviously everyone likes Killer Instinct except the author here. :-)

I'd also like to see Eternal Champions and a new Clay Fighter.

TheRacingX1805d ago

Primal Rage was cool, I'd love to see a next gen Eternal Champions...I loved playing challenge from the darkside on sega cd....and of course Killer Instinct

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The story is too old to be commented.