TVG: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review

TVG writes: "After a brief delay, Codemasters' and Spark Unlimited's alternate history first-person shooter and original IP, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, finally arrives in the UK. Running with the notion that Winston Churchill failed to survive a real life encounter with a New York cab in 1931, leaving Europe under Nazi rule, Turning Point follows NYC construction worker Dan Carson on the eve of a Swastika-led invasion of the US during the 1950s. The 'what if the Nazis won' idea has been done on TV and in books countless times, but Turning Point's story at least suggests a new direction for what is an otherwise tired 'WWII' sub-genre of FPS.

Developed by Spark Unlimited, a studio largely derided for producing the most mediocre instalments in the Call of Duty franchise (Finest Hour and Big Red One) a few years ago, initial expectations for Turning Point can perhaps be described as 'lukewarm' at best - but surely they'll have risen to the challenge for their debut on the 'next-gen'...wouldn't they???"

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ianp6223865d ago

Jeez, why does every website that happens to have a place for video game reviews have to pop its head out of the cracks in the internet to review games like Turning Point, only to parrot what the other 20 reviews said, namely that the concept is cool but everything else sucks?