2013 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to May 4th

Worldwide Hardware YTD:

1: 3DS - 3,374,791
2: PS3 - 2,792,416
3: X360 - 1,902,532
4: PSV - 790,827
5: WiiU - 778,964
6: Wii - 739,323
7: PSP - 487,407
8: DS - 464,238

Worldwide Software YTD:

1: PS3 - 31,832,643
2: X360 - 28,768,747
3: 3DS - 14,120,747
4: Wii - 11,710,631
5: PC - 9,102,160
6: DS - 6,920,302
7: PSP - 3,400,977
8: PSV - 2,965,056
9: WiiU - 2,438,503

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Hands Up For Games1655d ago

InB4 the VG Chartz blah blah blah.

Everyone's winning apart from the Fanboys who cant compute that MS, Sony & Nintendo are all making money!

Belking1655d ago

"Everyone's winning apart from the Fanboys who cant compute that MS, Sony & Nintendo are all making money!"

Some more than

1655d ago
SandWitch1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

xD indeed, Nintendo will show some amazing things at their conference this year


Crystallis1655d ago

You got straight OWNED. Maybe its time you stop posting. I don't think anyone can take you seriously now anyway.

1655d ago
darthv721655d ago

to have contributed to each one of those platforms overall success.

I think of myself as an equal opportunity gamer.

ziggurcat1655d ago

@ skarlett:

"Nintendo will turn things around at their e3 conference."

nintendo isn't holding an E3 conference, so no they won't... if i am not mistaken, they're taking a private, closed-door approach at E3 this year, which is the wrong way to go, imo.

abzdine1654d ago

the 12GB PS3 is performing very well it's cheaper than 360 so no surprise PS3 is doing well.

Autolycus881654d ago

@skarlett : come on man, really?

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badz1491655d ago

when the Vita is topping it hardware and software wise

Belking1655d ago

too bad vgchartz is not even close to being

legend9111655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Cool sentence bro. Either way, we'll see in about 20 days. (:

Outside_ofthe_Box1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


It seemed to be pretty accurate to you before...

I wonder why it's not accurate anymore... lol

dale_denton1655d ago

according to you vgchartz is only accurate when xbox is ahead of playstation though right?

Dee_911655d ago

Yall act like people cant change their minds.You'd be surprise how much I learned and change my perspective in 130 days. :)

Utalkin2me1655d ago

This is why i love this site, roflmao.

Knushwood Butt1655d ago


Always good to start the day on a funny.

On another note, when is that site going to accept that PS3 has outsold 360 in lifetime sales?

danitanzo1655d ago

Why can't you just be happy with the Vita, and not turn it into a bad thing...

kenshiro1001654d ago

Its only accurate where the 360 is concerned, right?

nirwanda1654d ago

You do realise that this is a yearly sales report and thats a whole year of sales for the vita and the wiiU only came out in November

nirwanda1654d ago

Ooops its ytd and not financial year your right the wiiU or vita ain't doing that great.
Ha ha I would even dissagreed with myself if I could.

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chadboban1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

This first comment is one of peace yet war still rages down below. You guys never cease to amaze me. Everything I'm reading here pretty much comes off as:

"My company sold more than yours so I win and you suck!!"

Grow up you guys... please.

xJumpManx1655d ago

Its not that they cant compute it. They are just so insecure that they need to rip on the others consoles.

Guitardr851655d ago

@ Skarlett

I'm trying to b ea good guy and let you know ealier rather than later...but....Nintendo isn't having an E3 conference this year

Nothing good will come of this...

just-joe1654d ago

You're aware they're still gonna be there as well as have a "Software Showcase" as they've already confirmed.

B-radical1655d ago

MS and Sony about 75-80 million and nintendo 100 millionish. All 3 did great this gen everyone be happy!

Kal-El-0011654d ago

how the fuck is Xbox have most overall sales in the lifetime over PS3 but it doesnt even sell in Japan the largest gaming market in the world which has the most people in the world too. crazy impossible! so sony was last this GEN wow

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TheLyonKing1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

ps3 nearly 1 million a head of 360 on the YOY update not bad. Infact both 360 and ps3 numbers are very good considering they are two titans in their twilight years.

So Kudos to both companies and yes VG chartz not accurate and all that noise but damn near close enough for what we have

OlgerO1655d ago

What sorcery is this. A comment that is happy that both gaming consoles do good, I think i will have to lay down for a moment.

Muerte24941655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

that as of march 31st, Xbox 360 was @ 77.2 million. VGchartz has xbox 360 @ 75.5 million only being off by 1.7 million. Now Sony's released their numbers putting them @ 80.4 million. VGChartz has them @ 74.6 million being off by 5.8 million. How can Sony still have that many ps3 on the shelf and retailers are still asking for more shipments? That 3x the amount they were off by Xbox360 sales. {(1.7 x 3) = 5.1} So VGChartz is saying that Sony's overshipping and there are 3 times as many ps3 on store shelves (worldwide)than xbox360. I like how Media Create JPN numbers completely contradict that statement.

VGChartz is trash. Even with all the evidence showing ps3 ahead, they still have Xbox360 with a lead. Saying their undertracking ps3, is an understatement. They should be ashamed but they're not.

Courtesy of NeoGaf proving 80.4 million ps3 sold and ps2 sales aren't included

blackmagic1654d ago

I agree that PS3 has pulled ahead of the 360 but the 80.4 million number is definitely ps3 and ps2 numbers added together for the fy2012.

In this interview on Feb. 21st, Jack Tretton says "on a worldwide basis, we’ve sold the same, if not more, devices. I think we’re at 77 million sold right now — it’s basically splitting hairs."

The PS3 has obviously sold more than 0.2M consoles between Feb 21st and Mar 31st but it hasn't sold 3.4M in that time period.

TheLyonKing1654d ago

whats this! numbers and backed up by a source and a vaild unbiased comment that contains facts. Bubble for you sir

BIGBOSS081654d ago

agree. ps3 has actually passed 360 officialy but thanks to vgchartz decieving crap, people are using it to claim 360 is still in front. its just all round lying. theres threads on their forums with users complaining about hardware and software being clearly off but they dont do anything about it.

stage881655d ago

Wow, PS3 wiped the floor.

chikane1655d ago

lets go PlayStation


Wolfbiker1655d ago

AAAAAAAAAAAnd the winner is.....

.....who cares -_-

1655d ago
DEATHxTHExKIDx1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Sales are much better this gen then last gen. last gen Gamecube and xbox each sat around 20+mil. PS2 over 100mil.

This gen PS3/360 each around 75-80mil. Wii at close to 100mil.

mcstorm1655d ago

I agree and whats really strange is at the beginning of this gen I said by the time the next gen starts the Wii will have around 100 million in sales and the PS3 and 360 will be very close and be on around 75 million.

Im glad all 3 have done well and I expect the same when the new consoles hit the market later on this year and once Nintendo hit the big name games the WiiU sales will pickup. I see all 3 getting to 75+ million in the next gen.

MadMen1655d ago


WiiU is dead my friend, I can see 35-40 million total at most, and that is not considered a success esp in comparison to the Wii.

mcstorm1655d ago

@Madmen Ok so is the Vita dead then? Also Was the PS3 dead? The 3DS must also be dead then.

The WiiU is new and people are still getting big name games for the current generation consoles.

Once the big names start coming out the WiiU will have some of its big named games out and sales will pickup.

It will be the same with the PS4 and Next Xbox. I don't think any of them will fly out from the start it will be a steady line until 12 to 18 months of being on the market looking at how the current market is.

Dmagic1655d ago

lol no it wont be the same when ps4 and new xbox drops people are so hungry for new systems its going to sell millions and be sold out all year i cant wait got my 1000$ set aside for both! wiiU is going to sell worse than gamecube.

Minato-Namikaze1655d ago

Ps3 is over 80 million. Its gonna be closer to 85 million

mcstorm1654d ago

@Dmagic You think a £400 console will be sold out all year? I think a lot of people will be shocked when they see the sales of the PS4 and Next Xbox not as high as they are expecting over its 1st 12 months on the market.

What people need to remember is both Microsoft and Sony are going to support the 360 and PS3 when there new consoles are out and as long as games like COD, BF, Fifa ect are on the current gen consoles a lot of people will not upgrade there consoles for 12 to 24 months after the new consoles are out.

Yes people are waiting for a new gen but that was said about the PSV and look what happened there.

We are still in recession and people will get as long as they can out of there current consoles as a lot of people are trying to save where they can.

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