Remember Me previewed: A string of surprises, good and bad ( goes hands-on with Capcom and Dontnod’s memory-hunting action game. Is it worth remembering to pick up when it comes out in June? Find out inside.

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WeAreLegion1768d ago

I hope this game doesn't get lost with The Last of Us's release and Watch Dogs, later in the year. It looks pretty unique. :)

CJDUNCAN1768d ago

It will get lost because it's a new IP surrounded by big time game launches. It reminds me of when Spec Ops came out. That was a solid game but it was going against the giants of Battlefield and Call of Duty.

I don't mind taking a shot on a new IP though.

WeAreLegion1768d ago

Agreed. Spec Ops was incredible!

Not sure why I got disagrees...